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Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by larisa330, Jun 23, 2018.

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    This might be a little long because I've tried so much. I have several tanks & am familiar with cycling. I have an axolotl tank, that was cycled, it was bare bottom, 20L, aquaclear 50, runs about 67* ph was 7.6, nh 0, no2 0 & no3 between 5 & 10. I'd cycled the tank with filter I'd been running just for this in another tank. In comes my axolotl...Groot. Water stays fine, I clean his waste out 2xs a day w/a turkey baster, he's only eating live food. I had some water sprite & anubias, a piece of driftwood, a resin ornament & a suctioned on glass vase. Some where along the line the ammonia spiked. I did a 50% water change, brought it down some. To try to make this a little shorter, I removed Groot thinking it lost the cycle some how & let it run its course. The ammonia would just keep getting higher, no improvement. I put the ammosorb packet in the filter, no change. After a couple weeks with no change I put sand in the tank, more cycled media in the filter & put Groot back in, hoping the sand would help generate more BB. Now I've slowly removed every object that was in the tank in case it was the culprit. I've no removed everything I started with & still have ammonia issues. Any ideas & have you ever heard of the tank itself...the sealant causing issues? I'm at such a loss here. At this point I do water changes every other day or so & keep adding prime to keep Groot safe.
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    Did you check your tap water for an ammonia spike?

    We had a nitrate spike in our municipal water a few years ago due to the drought. I thought I was going crazy, doing daily water changes, and the nitrate just kept going up and up. Then I found out it was the tap water!

    Anyway, members here introduced me to Amquel Plus (not regular Amquel). It doesn't just detoxify for 24 hours like Prime but rather seems to do it for a much longer period of time. At least, I haven't had any more problems.
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  4. edevingoValued MemberMember

    Do you still have the driftwood in there? I ask because I've never had any luck with it in ny tanks. Always caused water parameter issue for me.
  5. larisa330New MemberMember

    Nope, it was the last thing I took out as I have driftwood in my 3 other tanks with no issues. I took it out a couple days ago, did 50% water change & I still have ammonia :/

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