Finaly recovered Clown loach "skinny disease"


Hi all, after 6 months of struggling trying to recover a clown loach disease, I have finally cracked it, the little feller is gaining weight strengh and feeding well, it a rescue loach from a pet store, 10 in total they where almost dead with extreme high levels of ammonia, 2 died, all 7 are healthy but 1 sick loach.

I have used waterlife hole in the head, Fluke Solve, and also interpet anti internal bacteria treatment, but nothing seems to work, by following instructions.

But now only recently I have to try something totally different and I was determined to get this clown loach healthy back again,

This is what I have done different, using the same treatment again, but with daily salt bath, this slime coat is thick, that is making it difficult to recover, bad bateria and most likely some type of parasite and worms, you will need to get this off for any treatments to work it magic,

Salt bath daily for 7 days, for 20mins, I used 2 liter container with 3 teaspoon to 1 liter, do not leave the clown loach, you must monitor the clown loach for the full 20mins, do not disappear for one minute, and forget about it, anything can happen, while having a salt bath, so do keep an eye on its breathing habit, rapid breathing pull the loach out and put it back in the QT, mine have managed the full 20mins daily bath,

Daily baths for 7 days also on the first day it gets flukesolve treatment preziquantel, 0.5grams to 100ltr

48hrs later, big water change, add one dose internal bacteria treatment interpet.

Next day 50% water change, add waterlife OCTOZIN for a 3 day treament coarse, I used 4 1/2 tablets to 100ltr.

You should be on your 6th day of salt bath,

on the 10th day, big water change add another dose of fluke solve along with one dose of interpet parasite slim & velvet treament, mixing treatments is not recommended but I have done it in this case, a close monitoring is required at this time,
your clown loach should be starting to eat again with a nice healthy round full belly, happy days, not much weight gain but be patient, he still need help.

No water change but continue to add interpet anti bateria, one week later after the last treatment, and this is final treatment, one last dose of fluke solve with interpet anti parasite, big water change before and after 78hrs, good luck saving your cloan loach, and if this works for you then please let me know, I might of been lucky with this one.

Just a Warning ⚠️ this is a intensive treatment that worked for my sick clown loach with a skinny disease 3-4cm in size, so if you do not know what are you doing then you could end up having a dead clown loach, this is why close monitoring is needed at all times, and please do not try this with older loaches, just juveniles.

Why the intesive treatment, it needs it as it constantly being invaded by bacteria infection, this is why you need to do the salt bath, miss a day with salt bath and then you will be wasting its time, and then it will be full of thick bacteria bad slime coat again, this bacteria infection is so fast spreading I feel sorry for the fish, I own a good microscope to see this.

Tips for salt bath...

do not put the loach straight into the salt bath, you will need to prepare and disolve the salt first, and then add it into the water gradually, we do not want to stress out the loach.

Monitor your water temperature, it will drop fast, I have it resting in the tank water, floating on top.

Feeding, try brine shrimp or bloodworm chopped into small bits, for the time being untill fully recovered, it also helps to have couple of corys with it the QT, dont worry they can handle it with all the treatment, corys are good company for the loach, make sure you have a cave.

Last thing I have a supprise up my sleeves that is all completely new, a new inventions for the aquarium hobbyist, its for the clown loaches, pleco's, or any fish that likes caves, and especially Gouramis they love it, and this brings them out of hiding, more friendly and feed out of your hand.

And before you say it, no it not a cave its different, it help you gain more space, and un-stress loaches, plus much more, made of plastic. Puzzled ? I need to get as many people interested first before I can share the photos,

Also I am looking for a uk person, that knows hows to use Auto CAD design, with interest in aquatic for my future projects, and is willing to be partners, my project has different attachments, for the fish, and several other projects lined up, to keep the hobbyist busy and entertained and more fun.


I’m brand new here. Hi everyone.
I’m posting just because I believe my new clown loach is suffering from wasting away syndrome. Idk at first I thought it was bc I bought cheap drift wood that completely messed up my tank quality. Slowly been fixing all my levels... but my clown loach is one of two, bough at the same place at the same time. Can I help this little guy ?? Any suggestions I’m willing to try.attached pics stink between the glare and fish moving, plus I been cleaning tank from drift wood so it’s a slow process trying not to shock the tank...
Ps 55g tank 8 months old. 2 clown loaches, variety of 10 tetras, and 4 Cory doras ... waiting for 75g tank to cycle ... canister filter made for a tank up to 110g and sponge filter...willingly admit to cleaning too much latly due to the drift wood so I did over feeding since I figured I was cleaning frequently and might help him eat... I am novice in the hobby and have 9 other tanks all seem great aside from my clown loach...


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If your clown loach have wasting disease, you are going to need, treat it with worming treatment first, this is priority, young loaches must me wormed to prevent it having wasting disease, when buying them from juveniles stage, this helps them get a healthy stomach to build up their healthy immune system, bad stomach means sick loach, and healthy fat belly is a healthy strong loach,

While the clown loach is infected with worms, this triggers of velvet disease, ich with older clown loaches, lets hope you have caught yours in time with the worming treatment, hoping it has no thick slime coat, do not try the invasive treatment I have mention previously. Thats is only for the last resort.

Try worming them first, as long the clown has not lost too much weight then you will have a good chance to recovery it with just the worming treatment,

If your clown loach looks too skinny like its been quashed in the middle, then you will struggle to get the clown loach to recover, and at that stage they will have velvet disease, and no treatment will work for you, you can try it but it will not work, I will guarantee that the velvet disease is resistant to all treatments, i wll explain more about this in a separate topic soon, explaining all my discoveries, along with my extensive research in clown loach disease, along with microscope tests,

My clown loaches skills
Over 8 year and growing well, and I understand there behaviour, and much more

So in next month, I am hopping that I can start a pole, where I will be questioning you on your loaches, this will good for you loache lovers, all new discovery thats has not yet has been shared on any forums to date.

One last thing just incase it might has velvet disease that is not visible yet,

Do not let the clown loach out of the water by using a net, so you can quarantine it.

If you take that clown loach out of the water that might have velvet disease then you are basically killing it from the bad slime coat disease by exposing it to the air, and it will thicken up like thick gel, making it more difficult for the loach to breath and suffocating it, you will need to use a container to scoop the fish out of the water,

Clown loach is best kept where it is, make sure you are doing regular water changes, 50% twice a week, velvet disease is a cyst that is not visible, but it releases thousands of nano Parasites, thats when you see it covered it white slime, so will you need to keep this level down, untill the clown loach has gained enough strengh,

Your other fish or loaches will not catch it unless they are weak, this cyst is only interested in sick fish, healthy fish they drop off searching for a new host.

Try deworming first, and again in a week time, get back to me if it has slime disease, I will explain how how to get rid it. But if your clown loach is too skinny, as if it has been pinch or quashed in the middle, you are better of doing the kindest thing by putting it to sleep, it will never recover as it is too and week, I know this from my experiences from rescuing loaches,.
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