1. frampy

    frampy Well Known Member Member

    I finally feel like myself again!! I am in a good place in my head and heart! Just want to say thank you for everyone who has given me advise and helped me deal with my life I don't know what I would do without the people who come on here!! You are all a group of true souls!!! I love you all more then words can say. I know water joins the whole group! It calms my soul.

    When the last rose of summer pricks my finger and the hot sun chills me to the bone. When I can't hear the song for the singer. And I can't tell my pillow from a stone.
    I will walk alone by the black muddy river and sing me a song of my own!!!

    If you know this you get instant cool points!!!!
  2. T

    Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    Didnt u give it away black muddy river?
  3. OP

    frampy Well Known Member Member

    Name the band
  4. T

    Teishokue Well Known Member Member

  5. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    glad to hear your doing better and i hope your daughter is too.
  6. Adam55

    Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Good stuff. It went where I assumed it was going, but at least you tried. Now, when and if you're contacted again, ignore it. Nothing good will come of it.
  7. Fishy Friends

    Fishy Friends Well Known Member Member

    Great to hear you sounding so upbeat!
    I think there is a lot of wisdom, tranquility & peace to be found in connecting with water and nature & I am glad you found it :)

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