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So... finally have gone and bought a new (2nd hand) tank. Since the hood has gone on my 90 I have been desperate too upgrade and managed to get a bargain today. Will be getting my new one tomorrow.

Some questions. As much as I am researching etc I just want, as always, some who have first hand experience.

I'd like to do it relatively cheaply, but am totally aware this may not be the best approach. So perhaps a more value for money approach.

First and foremost is the filter. Fluval internal is a no go. Horrendous experience previously and not about to go with them again. All Pond I have seen dirt cheap but assume there is a reason?

Whilst I know that 2 x 100 heaters would be better I'm a bit limited so won't have a choice but to have a 200w.

I originally had gravel in my 90 but switched to sand when I moved house because I have cories. Not sure where I'm going to go with this one. Found sand easier to clean!

Like a kid at Christmas!

Any recommendations of dos or don'ts would be much appreciated!

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