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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Paicavi, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Paicavi

    PaicaviValued MemberMember

    :;wv so I'm happy to announced that my lyretail Mollie that was supposed to be dying of swim bladder desease is not doing worse at all!!!! By now all my others where usually dead (5). So, I increased the tem a little and started treating with melafix without the filter and what do you know. I don't want to jinx myself and say that he is all better but he looks good!! I'm feeding as little as posible and have not made any water changes for 4 days to let the melafix work. And on another note, I'm getting my 30g tank this week, found it cheap on eBay. Now I have to figure out if I want a fushless cycle or TSS start with my current fish. Anyone has a predilection?
  2. Jake the Fish

    Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    Put some filter media or any decorations in the 30g once you have it set up and feed the live bacteria every day.
  3. Suave

    SuaveValued MemberMember

    ^^agreed, and congrats on the progress[:
  4. OP

    PaicaviValued MemberMember

    Thank Suave, so the concensus is fishless?
  5. Jrobber

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    Good to hear your Mollie is doing better.

    If I were going to start another tank I would use TSS just because it worked in my first tank. Others around here might tell you differently, but personally, I like it.
  6. Prince Powder

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    Fishless is definitely the way to go. TSS is also an alternative, just remember though, with TSS your fish are still exposed to ammonia and nitrite during the cycling process which is about 7-10 days. Some fish will be able to handle the exposure, some more sensitive fish or weak stock may not. I used TSS to cycle two tanks, however in my case, I had bettas in unheated, unfiltered bowls so the quick TSS cycle was better for them than what they were in. In situations where a fish is already in less than savory living conditions and you NEED that quick cycle I'm all for TSS, 100%! However when fishless cycling is still an option, that is the way I would go. I am actually hoping to get a new tank later today so once I am ready to begin my cycle I'm going to try a different approach. I plan on using a combination of fishless cycling and TSS. I'm going to add the TSS and then a raw shrimp to be my ammonia source as opposed to live fish. I know that at least one FL member has successfully cycled this way so I'm hoping for the best. If it doesn't work, no fish harmed and I'm already on my way with a fishless cycle. :)
  7. OP

    PaicaviValued MemberMember

    Hey prince, that is exactly what I was thinking of doing. The only problem is that the tank that was being shipped broke!!!! My luck. I'll look for something around here instead