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Finally Reviving My 20 Gallon

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Crazycoryfishlady, May 17, 2019.

  1. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    My 20 gallon has sort of just sat around and been running collecting grime and just running it's way out of water.
    I've neglected it since I wasn't really using it, and since it's position made it impossible to clean with a siphon.
    It will still be difficult on floor level...
    But I've gotten a new contraption I'm hoping will help... Lol

    I've recently collected a lot of driftwood and it brought this scape together.
    I'll be adding some more round rocks on the floor to sort of imitate a river bed.
    Two of my plecos will be going in here, and my khulis, and perhaps the batik loaches.
    Maybe not.
    I'm working on it... *sigh* getting close though!
    Hoping to maybe trim a driftwood root piece I have and use some stragglers around the bottom as well, maybe use part of my tree piece.

    This is what I've got so far in these past two hours!
    After making this mess....

    Still needs polishing and a bit of work, and with the rain I'm feeling rather slow.
    And my vacation wasn't much of a break either! All that hiking..

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  2. Bama Valued Member Member

    Has great potential! Looking forward to your progress!
  3. Lynn78too Well Known Member Member

    Can't wait to see pictures!
  4. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    Filled and finally filtering! Took a trip fixing my moms 10 gallon which I posted on my 29 build thread since that's an extra piece I wasn't expecting doing again...
    A semi cycled whisper 10 filter, and a cycled sponge filter from my 55.
    Then a new sponge connected up in my other spare 10 *rolls eyes*
    Bought some new plants again, more bacopas, some ludwigia, rotala, and got a small start of ammania, wisteria for my moms tank, and something else.
    And the guy sold me 10 plants but wrote it as 5.
    I appreciate the deal but almost feel guilty taking it, since he's technically costing the company money, and I was semi willing to oay full price :D
    But I suppose I can pay him back when I drop off some guppies, hopefully crayfish babies in the next few months... And maybe in the next year or so I can get him some amazing tank raised first generation wild bred plecos.

    My new koi guppies are a super hit too. Let's just hope my female has some nice batches of fry!
    I might put her in this tank.
    Plecos, khulis and batiks don't really hunt fry like other fish do, so I think she would appreciate being the only guppy in the tank raising her fry.
    And her color will look great with my few plecos and stripey loaches.

    Going to use a piece of driftwood from my 55 in the center, since I used a piece from my this build in my moms tank.
    It's larger and a different color and a bit more appealing than the right side piece, so I added an even smaller piece that is similar to it, but will be easier to use in its place.

    I've got some plant cultures I picked up from wetspot that I'm allowing to grow out a bit more before planting them, such as monte carlo for my boyfriends tank, wenditti for mine, and a few other species, a peakcock moss and something else.

    Will have to adjust this scape slightly to fit the driftwood, and then once it's all placed, the final round "stepping" stones will be added to the back.
    Then all the crystal pieces will be going in my 55 and maybe 29.
    Hope my plecos enjoy the semi planted stoney/woody tanks :D I would like them if I was a fish.. Lol
    Especially when alternatives are overcrowded store tanks or just bags.
    (Not the wild of course!)

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  5. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    Photos of my kois! I'm going to start a breeding project with them.
    My original two were much more red, but these new two are super orangey.
    I'm hoping to breed some halloween koi mosaics! Lol!
    They're such pretty fish.
    Snapped a few photos of the khulis too. They're so lazy just sitting around all the time.
    They're so much more active in this tank than they were in the 29.
    I'm glad they like it.
    Debating actually putting my green cories in here instead.
    I thought the batik loaches liked schools sorta, they like to hang out in the 55, and I thought I read they schooled.
    But they don't.
    So I likely won't have any in here unless it's just one, since I love to watch them.
    My khulis are ridiculous.
    And Dormamu the tabby claimed this as her tank.
    She sits in front of it all dang day.
    Waiting for her pleco to come out.

    Not sure if my inspector is going in here. As mentioned in other threads I'm trying to thin out my stocking in some tanks, working on selling and rehoming unneeded fry.
    Going to keep collecting smaller river rocks and adding some left over rocks from previous scapes.

    Might still move things around a bit, and have a plan to add my blueish tree decor that was in my 55. It's a reptile piece lol

    Probably going to put another half inch of sand in too.
    Gotta buy more since I spilled it.
    Did a lot more cleaning than what some of the pictures show :D lol

    Very happy with the way things are coming along, and very excited for the breeding project.
    Going to put lots of sag in this tank, and some riccia from vishaquatics! :p

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