Finally Pics of Dorado! :)


Well, Dorado the new Betta has finally moved into the 20 gal and so I was able to get one decent pic of him...there's still a bit of an algae problem in that tank though so the pic makes him look darker than he actually is.

So far no problems with the other fish...he's too distracted flaring at his reflection to go after the catfish.

I think I'm going to need therapy took me like a half hour just to catch the 3 little shrimp that were previously in the 20. arrrghhh the little STINKERS!!! I practically had to tear up that entire tank looking for them! I'm still not sure who it was most stressful, the shrimp, or the poor fish who were getting knocked about by the tidal waves I was making by my frantic lunges at the shrimp....... You know, after having to catch Mist and Marble when they moved out of their q tank into the 20, I thought Otos were by far the hardest things to catch. NOT!!!

Anyyywayyy here's Dorado. I'll try to get some better pics later.


Nice looking, Spikey waves welcome. You know what's hard, try catching a chinese algae eater in a 29 gallon tank, for 10 minutes I thought I lost him then I found him on the back side of my filter tube, took me over an hour and I had other fish in the tank too :-\

Hope he is peaceful


Sorry guys not even close. Try 3/4 inch long Dwarf Loaches traveling at the speed of light with plants all over the tank and 3 caves to hide in. 4 of them no less....ARGHH! Never again! Otos do not hold a candle to them and they are supposed to get to 2 inches but I have not seen a millimeter of growth in them in the almost 2 months I have had them. Well enough of me hijacking this thread. Sorry, Omorrokh.

Dorado is absolutely beautiful and a lovely specimen of a mustard gas. You can be very proud...and in a 20 gallon to boot!! He is truly being spoiled.

Congratulations on a beautiful fish.

Welcome to you Dorado. Alex , Blaze, JT and Nate are all happy to meet you. They are waving wildly and sitting at the front of their tanks to admire you.



Congratulations on having such a handsome betta. I bet he loves his 20 gal. tank.



Thanks all.

Ooh Rose I bet you had fun catching those loaches. ;D Hey, at least you don't have an algae problem so you can hardly SEE what you're trying to catch! ;D Sheesh my arm must still be wet from that...two of the shrimp were hiding inside a hollow cave thing...I had to pick it up (while trying not to squash the java ferns on it), turn it over while trying to keep it in the water, and then chase them out of the cave with my finger, quick set it down and grab the net, and then chase them all over the tank until I finally got them. And believe me shrimp can go fast when they want to--plus they're so tiny it's near impossible to trap them against the glass. So maybe you don't have quite that much of an edge over me after all.... hehe ;D

Okayyyy anyway. Dorado says thanks to all for the welcome.

Well, all I can say is that if anyone ever again says that Bettas like tiny spaces and they live in puddles and never move......... the way Dorado zips around everywhere you'd think he was a danio with overgrown fins! So far no problems with him getting along with the other fish. I think the tank's so big he hardly even notices them. The catfish are smart enough to get out of his way if he comes by, but I haven't seen him actively chasing them down or anything so hopefully he'll be a nice tankmate.

Well, the other picture I posted makes him look darker than he really is...actually his body is more of a turquoise color. Here's a pic that makes his fins look too dark but you can tell his body color better. Ugh there's a bit of a reflection in the pic can see my fireplace Well, if he'd just slow down for a second I might be able to get a slightly better pic of him...


He's beautiful and he'll be very happy in that big tank!


What a adorable little guy you have there.


Welcome Dorado. He for sure is beautiful.The pics of him are very nice. Natalie


He's a gorgeous guy. Congrats!


Thanks everyone. Some more pics... Dorado just isn't as good at posing as Fuego is...oh well.

Argh my stupid computer isn't letting me add more than 2 attachments to each post. Here's another pic I was trying to put on the last post...

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