Finally Have Nitrites... Now What?


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My set up:
- 2.6 gallon Fluval Spec (with filter)
- 100 watt heater that keeps temperature at 80 degrees F
- Amazonia soil
- Some carpeting plant (4 leaf clover I think), peacock moss, driftwood, swords, and java fern

Week 1:
Ammonia: 8 ppm
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 0
PH: 7

Week 2
Ammonia: 4 ppm
PH 6.2

(My PH from tap is 7 but it becomes acidic in tank I dont know why. So when I added dechlorinated water in tank because of evaporation I mixed in some baking soda now my ph constant 6.8)

Week 3
Ammonia: 3ppm
Nitrite: .25 ppm
PH: 6.8

My driftwood has that white fungus thing on it so it looks like a jellyfish ate it. I left it alone. My tank starting to have brownish algae on glass and some on the plants. Lights are on 8 hours a day. My carpeting plants are growing a lot.

I'm just confused about the nitrogen cycle. I been cycling my tank for 3 weeks and I finally have some nitrites. Do I wait till ammonia reaches zero and then add more ammonia? Or do I keep ammonia at .25 ppm so that bacteria won't starve or die? Do I add it back up to 4 ppm? or even 8 ppm? I heard Amazonia soil continues to leak out ammonia so I don't know if I should add more if it reaches .25. I haven't done any water changes I just added water because evaporation and if I dont add water the heater in the tank will reach minimum level and i dont want temp to be issue. Can someone help pls? I'm trying my best to do everything right for my betta. It's my betta's future home. He right now lives in a container with a heater and I do 50% water change a day. I'm greeted with bubble nest every morning .


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Raising the temperature helps with the growth of the bacteria as Ive heard. I would've also used Stability to help with the process. You dose for 7 days as listed on the back.
As far as adding ammonia you only want to add about 1 ppm or slightly over to keep the bacteria alive such as nitrites, when your ammonia drops to 0.
Just be aware that nitrites will take more time to process. Im currently at that stage and it sucks lol but good luck!
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