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Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by ponitboss, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    OK so today I finally got the tds, bacter ae, salty shrimp and ro/di system. First problem is my tap water maxed out the meter at 999ppm, rain water read at 31ppm. Will the ro/di filter bring this to 0?

  2. fjh Well Known Member Member

    what were you measuring that read 999 and 31ppm?

  3. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    Yes it will, if you take a ph test it will come out at 7 which is neutral and normal it will not come out at 0, you will need to disguard the first 10ltr produced this is normal to new units and when you replace filters, as the filters start to ware you will see the TDS start to raise its ok to leave this go to 10 or a little more you will adjust for this by the amount of reminerils you use, I'll be here with others to help you as much as needed, which salty shrimp have you bought? Give us s pic

  4. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    999ppm tap water and 31ppm rainwater

    Ok thank you so much. Salty shrimp kh&gh+. Right now the shrimp ppm is 432 how do I start using the ro water?

    I'm getting like 1 gallon of filtered water to 5 gallon waste is this normal my psi is 41

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  5. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    It's normally around 5 to 1 so your not doing bad.
    Ok you need to do the change over with water changes not to drastic as it will be a gradual reduction. First of all let's get the basics out of the way, what size taken you have and how often do you change your water, I normally do 20% a week of total volume, need to know what your intentions are

  6. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    Tank is 40gallons but I only have it half full, I was changing 10% of the water with half rain, half tap and my intentionsister are to supply pet shops here with shrimp. The tank right now is 432 ppm

    An how to use salty shrimp also
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  7. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    Give or take that's about 4 gallons week
    You can start by making 4 gallons and reminerils to
    300 TDS and introduce slowly try and get it to tank temp using another heater, once you've added this your tds will drop to under 400. on the next change reminerilise to around 150 below the reading in the tank before that change and do the same again until you reach about tds220 in a few weeks. You can add 2 pints mid week of pure RO water this will.reduce it a little more, do you understand so far
  8. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    Yes I follow so far. BUT should I do a waterchange change now or just add in the 4 gallons slowly since the tank is half full? If to do a waterchange how much water should I take out? And do u know how to use the bacter ae?
  9. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    Ok let's start by putting putting 4gall in at around 300tds, I take it you intend to to fill the tank over the next few weeks, as for the Bactor AE put less than half of the scoop full and mix with a cup of aquarium water and tip around the glass edge at the water line. Use only once a week and no more until you have babies then double the amount once a week to start for a month then back to single dose, don't overdose with it,
    The amount you mix of salty is less than a quarter of the spoon in the tub mix a little at a time until you get used to it, it will resolve very quick and keep doing tds readings, once you get through this part it will.become very simple for you so don't worry
  10. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    Yes I intend to fill the tank back to the top so I'll just add in the 300tds. But won't the 300tds add to the 432 already in the tank making it 732?
  11. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    No you will start to reduce because your adding water with less than in there so dilution will thin the overall tds,if you added tap water at 432 it stays at 432 it wount double so by adding less thins the overall volume
  12. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    Oh okay I understand. Thank you for the help
  13. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    The whole transition must be done slowly not to shock the shrimp it may take a couple of weeks but the shrimp will start to benefit stright away,
  14. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    Ok so should I add the full 4 gallons tonight?

    Oh and 1 more question the di cartridge should I buy the di resin in the pound bags r should I buy the one in the cartridge? And which brand is better?
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  15. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    You can add it all just do it slowly. I buy the resin and fill the cartridge, I'm not sure if you have a replacement cartridge or wether you fill yourself. I'd have thought you should go a 12month or more before replacing anything and the membrane every 3 years, Di resin is the same where ever you buy it I don't think it's graded
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  16. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    Does the ro/di water have to sit over night and air stone like the tap water and do I add water conditioner ? Which brand resin do you buy. 12 months niceee. I only use the filter today an 1/8 of the resin is used up already
  17. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    From what I've just read you have a Di cartridge they changes colour when it's ready for replacement, when you've finished producing water flush the system for 10 minutes your filters will last longer also flush before use to to bring the TDS down

    This is what i use, remember it also boils down to how bad your water is as to how long the filters last.
    If you can get a couple of 10 or 20ltr containers like mine you can make your water and leave it sealed for the week. There's no need to use dechlorinater but I do as a precaution. If you leave you water in a bucket put an air stone in that's what most do but check your tds before using as I believe in an open container if left will build tds a little but nothing to worry about

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  18. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    Ok thank you. Loving the African grey parrot btw

    How do you flush a system?
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  19. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    She gets up to all mischief even water changes and on my Oscar tank she runs along the lip tormenting them and trying to bath

    There's normally a tap on the exit pipe you turn to flush tap water through but if theres not one then don't do it. They would have mentioned it in the Manuel if not drop them a line asking them if it's needed

    I've just found your Manuel and you don't have a flush so don't worry just turn off and leave your Di resin goes through a series of colour changes before changing

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  20. ponitboss Well Known Member Member

    What sized micron do u use for sediment an carbon