Finally Got My Pea Puffers!

Discussion in 'Puffers' started by Lacey D, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Lacey D Well Known Member Member

    After months of planning, breeding snails, building and planting and letting the tank age, we finally added in 3 tiny pea puffers last night. I was a little worried because they were glass-surfing constantly, but I have been told by others that they should calm down, given a few days of quiet.

    The setup:
    Currently they have the run of half of a divided 20g L. The divider is a piece of filter foam, to provide the shrimp and snails on the other side plenty of grazing area. I'm running two sponge filters (one on each side), and an HOB/Pothos planter on the shrimp side.In the picture below, the puffers have the right side. It has a nice piece of driftwood with lots of moss, java fern and buce (I actually need to pull some of the moss >_< ) I must be the only person on the planet who can't get guppy grass to take off, but there is some in there as well. And it's topped by a solid carpet of salvina, which blocks a lot of the light. There is also a small version of Sponge Bob's house, because this IS my son's tank.

    Substrate is BDBS. And when I introduced them to the tank, it was overrun with bladder, ramshorn and MTS. The Malaysians seem to have better survival instincts than the others, because they have disappeared under the sand. I THOUGHT the puffers were too stressed to hunt, but when I checked back later I found half a dozen empty shells and at least one was a MASSIVE bladder snail which had been smashed. Vicious little guys! I will be doing a water change tonight, and removing as many of the surviving snails as I can lure into one spot. I was warned that they would just end up killing as many of the snails as they could, but was also told that it was OK to introduce them into an overrun tank the first day.

    I will be growing baby brine shrimp, daphnia and at least two different worm cultures soon. In the meantime I have a ton of snails, and these puffers have been accustomed to eating frozen food and vibrabites at the lfs.

    I will be moving the ghost shrimp on the other side of the divider into their own tank today. Then I will be doing a little more scaping of the other side of the tank before removing the divider. The original plan (and why the tank was divided) was for my son's betta to live on the left side, and the puffer on the right. But he now wants the puffer to have the run of the WHOLE tank, so I will be doing my best to accommodate that :p Just going to have to find Ocean a new place...again.

    (picture from a few weeks back)
    Picture from last night (pardon the reflection and the blur)

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  2. Jamelie Valued Member Member

    Beautiful! Don't forget to treat for internal parasites [ ] and keep posting here, i wanna see the progress of the tank

  3. Lacey D Well Known Member Member

    Thanks! I'll call the lfs and ask if they already treated or not.I believe they treat all their puffers (it's kind of their specialty) when they get them, because they know the risk. This is one of the stores which quarantines all their new stock for a minimum of 30 days.

    One of them is noticeably bigger and fatter than the other two, and he's being a real behind >_< I put in about 6 Indian Almond Leaves and some clumps of java moss to break everything up and give the smaller pair a place to hide. They're being nice to each other, it's just the one, and all I have to do is point my finger at him and he's all "What?? Me??? *innocence*" and wanders away from them. I will be finishing the other side of the 20 probably by Wednesday--I got the substrate in the new shrimp tank tonight, moved and over some of the decor. I will move over more tomorrow, and net as many of the shrimp and excess snails as I can.

    They really are adorable, even if they are vicious mini-killers. They're the aquatic world's bumblebees...I'm still trying to figure out how the heck they move around so fast!

  4. Jamelie Valued Member Member

    Congrats!! That's awesome [ ] where did you get them from if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Lacey D Well Known Member Member

    Um, the Aquarium Co-Op :p It's my lfs. I live in Lynnwood, WA, about 5 miles from them.
  6. Jamelie Valued Member Member

    Omg!!! Lucky you
  7. Lacey D Well Known Member Member

    Update: The big puffer is no longer bullying the other two--in fact he and one of the smaller ones are constant companions, hovering near each other and never more than a few inches apart before drifting back together. I think they're in luuuuv (just in time for V-day!). Guess I should look into what will happen if we're ever blessed with mini-puffers.

    I moved the shrimp, added another piece of driftwood, and removed the center divider. Within minutes all three were poking around their new territory, snacking on some of the snails which had been left behind. I need to do some more replanting/rescaping of both sides now that they are joined, but overall it's nice that they have more room and are getting along!

    I did need to have a success, because the betta who was originally supposed to live on the other side of the divide passed away yesterday evening after fighting a tumor for a long time :( So having the distraction today of puffers being cute helped heal both my son's heart and my own <3
  8. Jamelie Valued Member Member

    How are they now? I love updates [ ]
  9. Addie42 Well Known Member Member

    congrats !!! beautiful tank, and
    nice little ramshorn colony you have going on !! some good eatingsz
  10. Lacey D Well Known Member Member

    They are doing really well, even if they are a little shy. Or should I say 2 of the 3 are. I haven't seen #3 for a few days, so I'm worried. I only get to check in for a little bit, so I hope I just keep missing her. It's a BIG tank for such little babies now (20L), with lots of hiding places and plants.