Finally got frozen bloodworms for my Betta, but have some questions


Finally bought some bloodworms for the first time for my Betta yesterday, and fed a few of them to him this morning since all he’s been eating lately are omega one pellets. He seemed to really love them! I do have some questions after I fed him some though.
  • What would be a good portion size of frozen bloodworms for a Betta? 1-3? 3-6? I think I have my Betta too much this time, I think I have him like 5 worms (I thought I was only giving him three, but I guess I ended up picking up more with my tweezers by accident)
  • How often should I be feeding them to him? I’ve read that I should only feed him frozen bloodworms around once or twice a week, but I just wanted to verify with y’all on that.
  • The frozen bloodworms I bought came in individual packs. Once I open one, does the expiration date change? Or would it still be 6 months, as I’ve read on other sites online.
  • Should I rinse off the bloodworms before I give them to my Betta? I didn’t this time around, but I noticed there’s some liquid they are held in. Should I have rinsed them first, just to reduce risk of contamination of some sort? And if so, how should I rinse them? In tap or old aquarium water / treated water?
  • Is it possible that my Betta could start rejecting pellets and only want to eat bloodworms after giving them to him?
Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


I feed mine about 6 bloodworms but don’t feed him pellets.
I do once every 1-2 weeks so he doesn’t get hooked
One you open one of the packets it will expire quicker but one pack shouldn’t last you more than like 3 months
I don’t rinse my blood worms off and I’ve never had any ill affects
And he only want bloodworms if you feed them to often
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I have these same packs and feed my guy 3 in the morning and 3 at night, once a week. Feeding more than 2X a week can cause constipation and illness.
I've heard that their stomachs are only about the size of their eye so personally I wouldn't feed mine more than 5 at a time.
What I do after I open and thaw them is just keep them in the fridge, or keep them frozen and just cut off small portions for each feeding. I wouldn't refreeze if you're going to thaw.
I don't think you need to rinse them. I don't, and if it doesn't say anything about it anywhere on the bag it's more than likely fine.
Again with the frequency, I only feed my betta blood worms and a few other types of frozen food each week and feed pellets about twice a week, leaving one fast day to help w digestion. He still eats pellets when I offer, so as long as you continue to feed pellets as well he shouldn't get picky.
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