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Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by wizard0fozz, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. wizard0fozz

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    hi everyone, I'm new here. I just recently re-stocked and re-decorated my 29 gallon freshwater tropical setup. It was running for 3 yrs before i decided to make these changes.. In it now are 2 german blue rams.. 2 bolivian rams (which will be re-housed to a 20 gallon soon).. 1 flame gourami... 10 neon tetras.. 5 kuhli loach.. and 1 fancy dwarf pleco which i have yet to I.D. but it looks like a tiger plec to me. I'll take some better pics of fish and the pleco later on and hopefully someone can I.D. him for me. Right now everyone's shy. This is a temporary setup.. eventually i want to change the substrate and get live plants. and some maybe some more driftwood, i have one piece as of now for the plec. Anyways, i thought the setup looked a bit artificial to me and it kinda bothered me but like i said it's just for now. Whaddya guys think?

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  2. OP

    wizard0fozzNew MemberMember

    any suggestions for decor positioning would be appreciated also.
  3. Lucy

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    Welcome to FishLore!!
    I think the tank looks good. If you think it looks artificial, maybe add some green plants rather than the colorful ones.
  4. Jrobber

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    I've never seen a white plant like that, but I like it.
  5. peacemaker92

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    Welcome to Fishlore! :;hi2

    Beautiful tank! I'd be careful about the coral as it can play with your ph. Other than that, it looks great! I agree with Lucy on the green plants, you could add more green plants than the colorful ones to add a bit of real plant design.

    About positioning, IMO, you could put the taller plants as backdrop behind all your decor and place smaller plants in front to give it a nicer position. But that's just my opinion :)

    Best of luck and keep us updated! :;hf
  6. ColumbianShark3

    ColumbianShark3Valued MemberMember

    Looks nice and welcome to FishLore
  7. OP

    wizard0fozzNew MemberMember

    That's funny, I never thought twice about that shell in my tank. I actually found that shell on the shores of cuba when I went to go visit family. I thought it would be neat to have it in my tank. This was like 4 + years ago. I rinsed it really well in hot water and put it in my tank and thought that would be sufficient. I was alot less educated in the hobby then. I don't know if that could have contributed to whatever deaths occured in the tank from then to now. But today when I went to the lfs I saw a printed paper taped to the register, kinda like a warning to customers about putting shells in the tropical tanks. I told the guy how I never thought that was an issue but that the shell had been in there about 4 yrs now and by now that shell really shouldn't be much of an issue. He said I was probably right, but that he would get rid of it anyway. I havn't and my parameters are fine, but I don't know.. maybe I should? Anyways thanks for the Ideas.. Imma try that on the next water change\gravel cleaning. The white and red plants are silk. The other ones are plastic unfortunately. Wanna get rid of em soon. Maybe some sort of rock structure would be nicer. Anyways.. I can't wait to get a good shot of my loaches and Tiger pleco (especially this one, I need ID to find out what it REALLY is.. just calling it tiger plec for now) but since i put them in the tank i've seen the loaches a couple of times.. and the plec I have not had a chance to glimpse even once since I put him in this morning... ;| I will try tomorrow and hopefully be able post some pics.
  8. GoGreen

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    Welcome to Fishlore! I think your tank looks good. I agree with Lucy about the green plants, if you are thinking it looks too artificial. How about some random larger grey stones for a bit a contrast? Would look good with the addition of green.
  9. OP

    wizard0fozzNew MemberMember

    I was thinking of something along those lines.. like a rock/structure structure of sorts.
  10. phishyitis

    phishyitisValued MemberMember

    Love your little dwarf gourami.Like everyone said more green plants.If you put more rock and wood in there your loaches might feel more comfortable and they might come out more if they have plenty of places to hide.
  11. OP

    wizard0fozzNew MemberMember

    Yeah, I really wanna see em more! I thought I had enough places for them to hide in so far, but I guess not. Those kuhli loaches are really cute too, it's a shame they don't come out more. and yea the dwarf flame is really pretty. He's really big though for a dwarf. Biggest flame gourami i seen. Got him today along with the "tiger pleco" and german rams.

    Also what's the best way to do a gravel back when you have kuhli's? I did a 30 percent change today and I was sooo scared to crush 'em. I think theyre all ok though.. i sifted the gravel around and tried to do a head count but it was hard.. i gave up. lol.

    Hello. I've merged your posts since they were back to back with no response between. It helps to save a little space on the forum.
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  12. Aquarist

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    Good morning Wizard and Welcome to Fish Lore.

    I think your tank looks very nice and your fish are beautiful. I don't see any issues with the sea shell other than the fact it may raise your pH along with the Coral. Many members have sea shells in their tanks for this purpose. If it's been in there for years, I wouldn't worry about it at this point.

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I hope you enjoy the site!
  13. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to Fishlore! I love your tank and your GBR is gorgeous!
  14. OP

    wizard0fozzNew MemberMember

    thanks everyone.. i have a way better camera i just need to get batteries for it.. when i do ill be posting better pics. Hopefully the "tiger plec" comes out of hiding soon. i've been seeing the loaches alot more lately. ive been waking up at 7 am for school and around that time they're going crazy all around the that i can only enjoy them for a few minutes before i have to go to my IT classes. ;\ when i get home they are well hidden. I'm worried about how well theyre eating.. should i drop some sinking food in like right before i go to sleep? (midnight) even if their not out? All i have atm is flakes, frozen brine, algae wafers, these vegetable crisps by tetra, and catfish chips with wood and algae infused to it and whatnot. Perhaps I should get them some sinking pellets if you guys don't think they'll eat any of the items mentioned above..
  15. LyndaB

    LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    I'm a stickler for putting a background on the back glass of the tank. I just hate seeing the wires, walls, etc. But that's just a personal quirk of mine. :;2cents

    You're right that the loaches will require more hidey holes. They love their caves.

    Welcome!!!! :;hi2
  16. OP

    wizard0fozzNew MemberMember

    Finally got a pic of the plec... Anyone have an idea of what he is?
  17. OP

    wizard0fozzNew MemberMember