Finally Babies!

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by MaeKay, Apr 15, 2017.

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    I removed the mollies from my shrimp tank and brought home some more red cherries. Pretty sure one was berried. Now, 14 days later I see two babies flitting around the tank! I'm not as happy with the cherries I got at Petco this time. The last time they were super high quality but I have them in my 55 gallon and they're all female.

    I'm waiting to make sure I can get a decent colony going (to make sure I know what I'm doing) then we're going to order the Blue Dream velvet shrimp and set up a separate tank for them.

    My husband wants them in the main 55 gallon but I requested we get a breeding colony going before putting expensive blue shrimp in the 55 gal. The original cherries did great surviving in there...until I added the mollies. (Which have now been re-homed...) Lesson learned.


    Lower grade red [​IMG]

    Maybe I should try to grab the really nice cherries from the 55 gallon and swap them for the lower grade. That way the higher grade can breed. I'm not really sure if I have any males in the shrimp tank, though.
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    cheery shrimp males are smaller and don't have a lot of color. I've picked up some really nice shrimp including blue dreams and blue diamonds on CL.
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    I'm wondering if Petco only sells females since they're more colorful. I bought about 12 ghost shrimp 2-3 months ago and by now it's easy to tell the males from the females because of the size disparity. But when you first get them, they're hard to tell apart. Maybe I'm having trouble telling the cherries apart because I've never actually seen a male.
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    Petco definitely have males. I picked out the shrimp at petco I wanted and I asked for all the big ones ie females, and when the lady scooped up some small ones to weed out the ones I wanted, I told her I'd take any small ones she got as well. Ended up with 2 males 6 females.

    I'm amazed they had a berried female at the store. Every time I've seen them get new stock in it was always juveniles probably 3 months old, not breeding age yet.

    Heh heh, it's like cheating tho getting berried females.
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    My Petco is not so friendly. I think they dread when I ask for shrimp. I don't dare ask for specific ones.
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    Fun to see how quickly they grow. I enjoy watching them flit around like little fairies in the shrimp only tank.
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    Hi there, did you increase your GH? In the pictures in the original post it looked like they had the distinctive white band behind their heads that signals molting problems, but not in the one you just posted.
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    Is that what the white band looks like? I've heard of molting problems but never seen a picture of it.

    No, I did not change my GH. My GH is a fairly steady 7 and my KH is 11 so I haven't tested it in a month.

    I got the shrimp around 3/31 from Petco, added Java moss on 4/1, and found babies on 4/15. Perhaps that was a leftover issue from Petco? Although I really can only find 4 adults in that tank now, so maybe the one with the failed molt died? It is heavily planted so it's hard find everything. I know for a fact one adult died within a couple days of bringing it home but the first photo was taken on 4/15, 2 weeks later.
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    I also discovered this baby in my 55 gallon! It HAS to be a baby that stayed well hidden for months because the three cherries I have in there are very red (what I imagine is a fairly high grade even though I only got them from Petco). They make an appearance often, where I can count all three at once and so I'm familiar with how fully red they are. I didn't think I had any males in the tank so maybe one of them came berried, and this baby hid the entire time. The cherries have been in this 55 gallon since February. I would guess this juvenile is a little less than an inch? Smaller and slimmer than the fully grown cherries in there but much much bigger than the babies that were born near the beginning of April.
  11. -Mak-Fishlore VIPMember

    Hmm yes, perhaps petco wasn't keeping them in the best water. Why would they? Mine has amanos and I can't imagine they'd do anything to boost the gh, it comes out of the tap here at 0.
    This is what the band looks like when it gets pretty bad:
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    That does look pretty bad and obvious! Thanks for the reference. Our tap water is pretty hard here so I just use that.
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    I just did a major clean out of my shrimp tank and found all 6 adult RCS. Sadly, the one with the failed molt was newly dead. Guess you were right. 1dcd77b0cb5e638142d2acaefe86a26a.jpg
  14. -Mak-Fishlore VIPMember

    I'm so sorry to hear :(
    Sometimes it just happens I suppose, a GH of 7 is in the range for RCS. Still, if it happens again, shrimp mineral rocks may help.
  15. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    I've had RCS in my 55 gallon (along with amanos) for 4 months with very few problems (a couple died as soon as they got home, despite drip acclimation) so I'm hoping this was a holdover from Petco.
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    Oh my goodness!!! That baby shrimp is sooo cute! <3 Congratulations. :)
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    They're so much bigger now! And I just discovered new, super tiny babies! So maybe I do have a male in the tank. 04f18c94aab3cd593a662e3f1cf0853d.jpg
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    Good for you! I have ghost shrimp and I LOVE them. :)