Finally, a shot of my leopard danio 55 Gallon Tank

  1. psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    I have been trying to get a still of the leopard danio for awhile.

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  2. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    he's got some great color in him, I love all my danios! (I think I'm up to 6 varieties of them now)
  3. psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    Wow, 6 kinds? I didnt even know they had that many. I lost the other leopard in a CO2 accident. Sad. Now I just have the one. Danios are most entertaining. Very inquisitive.
  4. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh there are more than that, this is just what I have lol

    Orange danios (No these are not glo lite danios)
    Purple Passion danios (aka Danio Rosesus)
    Long fin leopards
    Long fin zebras
    Gold Danio
    Blue danio (not the same as the danio rosaseus)
  5. JoannaB Well Known Member Member

    Oooo, pretty!