Final stocking idea opinions wanted.

  1. B

    Bluegillfreak Valued Member Member

    OK I have a final stocking plan unless someone sees a problem with it.
    Tank is a 56g column dual filter AQ 70 and a penguin 150 I think.

    10 zebra danios
    1 pleco (until he gets big) then I will rehome him.
    6-8 skunk Cory cats.
    6-8 Glofish or neon tetras not sure which
    2 angelfish
  2. TreBall13

    TreBall13 New Member Member

    It sounds good. The angelfish and neons may be a problem. Angelfish eat neons in the wild, but if you add the angels last and they grow up with the neons, it may work out.

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  3. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd go with a bristlenose plec as it won't grow big so you won't have to rehome it.
    The footprint of the tank isn't very big at 30" imo the danios need more swimming space as they're very active, the angels will like the height of the tank.
    I'd have cardinal tetras instead of neons & up the numbers if you leave out the danios, they're a bit hardier & bigger than neons so the angels might decide not to snack on them, glofish are basically danios & tbh I'm not a fan.
    Nice choice of cory in the arcuatus, they're unlikely to breed for you though if you were interested in breeding, even the experts have found them very difficult.
  4. OP

    Bluegillfreak Valued Member Member

    I already have most of the danios tho I had them in there when I had my gourami.