Final Prep

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    wxohio88 New Member Member

    Ok so I have a new tank, everything is installed (Lighting, Wet/Dry Filter/Heater) I have purchased the salt and Live sand. My question is, how long the live sand be in the tank without the water? If you can think of anything else please let me know. This will be my first Saltwater tank its going to be a FOWLR and later maybe a reef tank.
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    Naeusu Valued Member Member

    umm.....well you want to add water into the tank first. What i did was added about 3 inches of water (i guess it depends on the size of your tank) and then put in the live sand. That allowed the sand to settle and not create air pockets or bubbles. after putting in the sand i slowly added the rest of the water. Your water will be a nasty cloudy color which is natural and will go away about a day later.