final phases for newbie

  1. burntolive87

    burntolive87 Initiate Member

    ok im fianly gettin to laing out my aquarium but i have a few thngs left to know....1) is there sand for freshwater aquariums ? because i liek that look .2) do i need an air pum for my tank? and how will i clean my tank if i cant attach the siphon to a water faucet? thanks people

  2. Gunnie

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    1. You can use play sand or pool sand. Carib Sea also has other colors of sand that are quite nice. Click on the fish picture:

    2. If your filter causes some rippling at the water line, you probably don't need an air pump and air stone. Most folks just use them for looks.

    3. If your siphon attaches to a water faucet, then you probably have a python. Most folks simply use a regular gravel vac that works on suction like when you siphon gas from a gas tank. Instead of the dirty water going down the sink, the end of the hose is in a bucket that has to be poured out. ;)

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