fin tearing in my halfmoon

Discussion in 'midthought' started by midthought, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. midthought

    midthought Well Known Member Member

    Tonight I was looking closely at my halfmoon, Chroma, and it appears he has at least two tears in his fins that weren't there before the weekend. I'm no expert at diagnosing fin rot or anything, but I *suspect* that it's from his overly aggressive flaring and trying to get across his divider at his tankmate, Gamma. Gamma, meanwhile, doesn't look ragged at all and has even been busy putting up his new bubblenest since I moved him from his 2.5g tank. And I really don't think there's anything in the tank to snag his fins on either.

    I don't think the boys have gone at it since the one time Chroma made his way into Gamma's half of the tank on Friday. Everything is reinforced now and they've calmed down quite a bit in any case.

    I did an extra water change tonight, although the parameters were fine (0,0,15). I'm just going to continue doing extra changes and keep an eye on him and Gamma. I'll also have to find time in the next day or two to buy some stress coat for the poor boy too.

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  2. Akari_32

    Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    he could have just caught his fins on something. one of my guppies has a huuuuge tail that gets caught on plants alittle to often ^_^'> i dont think he knows that his tail is part of him, and he needs to be careful with it... -sigh-
  3. OP

    midthought Well Known Member Member

    I suppose it's a possibility, but there's really nothing jagged in there...and he's been in there for weeks in any case. Well, I will just keep an eye on him and do what I can. I just treated him to some stress coat in the form of Prime and am soaking his dinner in Vita-Chem now.
  4. Akari_32

    Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    good luck! =D
  5. jerilovesfrogs

    jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    my male veiltail seems to always find something to snag his fins on. maybe some fins are more sensitive/delicate than others.....

    how is he doing now?
  6. OP

    midthought Well Known Member Member

    Healing up and doing fine, thanks. :) I've been soaking his food in Vita Chem, and he otherwise seems just quite normal, thankfully.

    Oh and just a correction, I've been calling him a halfmoon all this time but I believe he is a delta tail, as his fins don't form quite 180 degrees I think. He's still pretty though. :p

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