Fin Rot???!

  1. recoliizado Initiate Member

    15013A6B-E0ED-4D53-AFD1-1702BBB79A7A.jpeg 6DD16C6B-E18C-4BEC-B4FC-30A3E24BEE02.jpeg Hello! I’m new to this fish keeping hobby, so I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing, or more that I don’t know what I need to do next for my fish... I noticed his/ her fins are deteriorating? I last did a water change on February 8 and the results were:
    1. pH 7.2-7.4
    2. Ammonia 0 ppm
    3. Nitrate 20 ppm
    4. Nitrite 0 ppm
    He/ she is in a 10 gallon tank. As you can see in the pictures above, what I mean by the fins deteriorating... Am I doing something wrong? And is there anything I can do to help my fish? :/
  2. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, that looks like a bit of fin rot. At this point I don't think he needs any medication, just lots of clean water with daily partial water changes. If it gets worse- either eats its way close to his body or develops fuzzy white patches, then you may need to treat with an antibiotic, but it probably won't come to that.

    However, you've got a bigger problem- a goldfish in a 10 gallon tank. The consensus is the smallest tank for a single fancy goldfish is 29 gallons, but since goldfish like to be with other goldfish, and you should have three, and each additional fish needs 20 gallons, pretty much the smallest goldfish tank should be 75 gallons.

    If you can't swing a 75 right now (and there are a lot of us who can't ), then maybe consider rehoming him and getting fish more appropriate for the 10. A 10 would be a palace for a Betta, and there are other fish you can consider as well.

    Oh, and welcome to Fish Lore!

  3. recoliizado Initiate Member

    Sorry! Still new to this... not entirely sure how to reply directly to a comment.

    I know that the tank my fish is in right now is too small for the type of goldfish it is. I did purchase a 38 gallon tank (just for my fish) but since I am currently in a rental home, I did not want to set it up since I am planning on buying my own home this year (I didn't want to set up the tank just to disassemble it when the time comes for me to move out.)

    Anywhoo! I continued to change the tank water and I've been monitoring the levels (everything still good) but now his fins have deteriorated even further and now they have red streaks on them!!!! At this point, I don't know what to do..... doing research majority of the things I've come across suggests "ammonia poisoning" but I just checked and the ammonia levels are still at 0 ppm, so I'm stumped as to what's causing such stress to my fish.

    Despite re-homing him into a bigger tank (though I'm really considering setting up the 38 gallon tank), is there anything in the mean time that I could do to help cease his fins from continuing to deteriorate?

    Any help/ advice will be much appreciated!
  4. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    Can you post another picture?

    You may be fighting a losing battle with tank size. The water chemistry may be changing too fast for a fish of his size despite the water changes. The chemistry changes fast. The fish is stressed which affects its immune system and it becomes less able to fight disease.

    I don't know how soon you're planning on moving, but have you thought about setting up that 38 as a bare tank? Just the water, the filter, one flower pot turned on its side so Goldy can hide, and nothing else?

  5. recoliizado Initiate Member

    I'm currently not home, but my sister sent the picture attached. It's clear that his fins have deteriorated a lot since I first posted this thread.. :(

    I've had this fish for 2+ years now, and I wanna make sure I have my fish for many more years... And honestly, I've been thinking of setting up the 38 gallon tank ever since I bought it last year, but the thought of having to disassemble it and move it when I purchase a home is what's holding me back.. But if that would help my poor fish out, I'll set up the 38 gallon ASAP.

    Only thing is, how would I set up the new tank? I don't wanna lose the "cycle" that I've already established in the itty bitty tank I have...

    And thanks for replying! It's greatly appreciated and is giving me some sense of relief! :shame:

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  6. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    It can be fungal as well because "fins" are cartilige and not really "alive"
    Clean water can help heal, can be caused by fighting/tears/stress.
  7. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    Oh now i see the second picture. Ill tell you exactly what it is, pseudomonas tail rot.
    The cure = Oxytetracycline flake or pellet food, or doxycycline food. Both antibiotics will work very well.
    A methylene blue dip would mayb help well too, if you could setup a goldfish bowl and order some m blue at the same time, it would do wonders for the fish.
    kens fish dot com has pellet oxytetracycline and small bottles of M blue, both cheap.

  8. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    I'm glad @Whitewolf knows exactly what it is and how to treat it. I do think you're going to continue to have trouble if you don't get him in a larger tank just because of the stress of a big bio-active fish in a small tank.

    To not lose your cycle would be easy- just put your current filter material in the new filter. The new filter will probably be bigger so you'll need to add more, but as 90% of your beneficial bacteria live in the filter, you'll be transferring them to the new tank.
  9. recoliizado Initiate Member

    @Whitewolf , that's awesome that you know what my poor fish is suffering from and I've called my local fish store and I'll be going there tonight to see if they have what you suggested available, because when I called they said they have stuff available for "fin rot".

    @California L33 , I'm also in the process of finding an aquarium stand to put the tank on and I'll be setting up my 38 gallon ASAP. Then hopefully my little bugger will be okay!!

    Thanks again guys for the advice!
  10. recoliizado Initiate Member

    @Whitewolf , it's me again (clueless fish keeper :facepalm:) my local fish shop gave me Pimafix? But after spilling some of it onto my counter top (trying to measure the right amount) I got a sniff of how it smelled and didn't like it.... So from there I did some YouTube searching, and a lot of people don't have nice things to say about this product and that this stuff killed their fish?!!! So now I'm debating on what to do...... also, there are red streaks on my fish's tail now, does that mean I'm too late trying to cure him/her?

  11. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    If your goldfish fins are rotting that bad you need a real antibiotic
    Not tee tree oil
  12. recoliizado Initiate Member

    I tried looking on that site you suggested but I couldn’t find any of the names you mentioned?
  13. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    I think he might have stopped making his oxytetracycline pellets.
    I have a better site for you anways, ill PM inbox
  14. recoliizado Initiate Member

    That would be great, thank you!