Fin Rot?

  1. Mojo! Member Member

    I am bad at identifying it. I don't see any. Please confirm it. IMG_0287.JPG

    I don't see any, but better be safe then sorry
  2. Shadow2331 Member Member

    hmm cannot tell by this pic, can you post spme more pics with the fins spread out
  3. sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    Looks fine to me, but it's not the best photo for confirmation. From what I can see I don't see any discoloration, fraying, shredding or kinked looking fins... I definitely wouldn't swear to that with just this photo to go by though. If you can get better photos or even video that would be better if you're looking for someone to be 100% certain.
  4. Mojo! Member Member


    Sorry these are the only photos I have on my phone right now
  5. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    I agree, it looks fine to me from that photo
  6. Mojo! Member Member

    Ok thanks he acts fine

    Any more opinions?
  7. sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    If his tail today looks like that photo. still I am 100% sure it's not fin rot. You would see noticeable and definitively progressive deterioration of the fin you're questioning.
  8. Mojo! Member Member

  9. Mojo! Member Member

    I think he's good