Fin rot

  1. jens Member Member

    I was thinking at first that my red tail shark was stacking my neon tetras but it looks more like fin rot what can I do ???[​IMG] this one has the most damaged fins bot one fish whole back fin is gone only some orange things looks like wool er hair I thing it are his adders if that is the right word
  2. peregrine Member Member

    Here is a bit of info I was given. If the edges are slightly grayed, good chance it's fin rot ((for some reason image won't load for me, I'm sure it's on my end)) As for what you can do, I used API Melafix for it's recommended 7 days ((today is last day)) and it seems to have cleared it up fairly fast. However Fin rot usually is from bad water. What are your water parameters?
  3. jens Member Member

    I don't know but I am looking to buy a kit but I can't find any at the local fish stores
  4. peregrine Member Member

    Please disregard my ignorance on this... im making an assumption...

    Amazon has them. Api fresh water test kit.. can have it shipped to you
  5. jens Member Member

    Ok ill Look but Amazon is a bit Bad in belgium i think its mutch better in the us and other
  6. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    jens, I'd remove this fish and euthanise it. It's top far gone and it's definitely not (only) finrot. Look for testkits and treatment (when properly diagnosed) at or .de or
    Think those will post to Belgium as well.
    You'll need stonger stuff than Melafix to treat this though.
  7. peregrine Member Member

    jens yeah that is why i mentioned possible ignorance. I know amazon is horrible in some areas of the world. Just not sure where.
  8. jens Member Member

    Yes but I need to say you I 'removed' the fish the
    At have more than only fin rot it was too hard for me fo watch the 2 fish struggle with swimming one couldn't even swim anymore he was just sitting between plants to not flip over I am sorry but I needed to remove them. I'll look for the retest kit as soon as possible so no more fish have to die.