Fin rot

  1. eliscofield12

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    So in my tank I have two fancy guppies two honey sunset gourami and a red fire dwarf gourami. The red fire has come down with fin rot and it's getting bad so I took him out of the tank when I realize that was what it was and put him in a Corentine tank. Will it affect the other fish and if so do I need to take them out of the tank and clean the whole tank.
  2. Nicoldeme

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    No, fin rot isn't contagious. How big is your tank? What are the parameters? Is it cycled? You won't need to clean out the whole tank, fin rot isn't a disease. Just give your fish good water quality and it should stop on its own. If it doesn't, float a few Indian almond leaves in there, the tannins should help soothe any stress he's going through, that'll help slow the rot.
    What gender are your gouramis? Don't put two males together in a tank smaller than a 29g, or they'll fight. It should also be heavily planted. Those fish are aggresive like bettas. If there are other males in there, they may be fighting. The fin rot may be caused by the other fish nipping his fins, which then get infected.
    Male gouramis are smaller than the females, though not by much, and are slimmer. Compared to a male, a female will have a round belly. The most distinctive difference is that males will have a much longer dorsal (top) fin that comes to a point, while females' are short and rounded. Younger fish are a lot harder to sex, so you'll have to be extra vigilant. If you could post a picture, I can try to sex them for you.