Fin rot Help

  1. benharmer87

    benharmer87 Member Member

    It looks like my betta has fin rot a little. I just got it from petsmart and I don't know what to do. Is this fixable or should I take him back? I didn't notice until my wife pointed it out. Smh

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  2. A

    Angelbear Well Known Member Member

    Its fixable, I have read on here that clean water and a little aq salt can do the trick and it should heal on its own. I have also read about a medication but can't think of the name. I am sure someone can chime in with advise. I have not had to deal with this yet luckily
  3. jdhef

    jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    I like to treat fin rot with clean water, Garlic Guard and Vita Chem.