Fin Rot Or Tail Biting????


hI there,
ive had my betta fish for about a year now and have noticed his fins are getting worse and worse.
I'm really not sure if it is fin rot or if he is biting his fins.
My water levels are fine, the only thing that stands out is my ph which is at 8.0.
I will attach a few photos of what his fins look like.
any help is greatly appreciated!


In my humble opinion, that looks like fin nipping. I specialize in bettas and in my humble opinion the healthiest bettas are short finned. The bettas like half-moons and other types with massive fins often are genetically selectively bred for those massive fins and the fish actually do not like them. The nerve endings in betta fins do not go all the way out and the betta fish knows exactly where to bite with their sharp tiny teeth.

This is similar to how we clip our nails but know when to stop.

The reason I think this is nipping is that the FIRST part of fins every betta will nip off are the back fins are they are easiest to reach. If you have a decent amount of flow or your betta is very active then fin nipping is even more solid of a theory here..

Don't get me wrong, it may be fin rot. But fin rot usually shreds and tears versus those square parts of fins that are missing. You could be safe and do some AQ salt dips just in case.


Looks exactly like my tail biter did, so I'd say tail biting.


Yeah he’s tail biting, don’t worry about it. Just keep the water clean to prevent infection. He’ll keep biting to keep it as short as he likes it.

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