Fin Rot, Or Stress Biting? Help

  1. Frostu

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    So, one of my newer bettas Akihito has come up with either a bad case of Fin rot, or has started ripping his tail off from stress that i didn't think he was in. I had been out for a good week from Strep throat, and couldn't pay as much attention to them as usual. His diet is Bloodworms, and i have been feeding him a healthy amount (Probably spoiling him too much, since he has a big appetite) per day. I have another fish who is starting to have the same thing, only his is less severe and just looks like minimal fraying that i can hopefully treat. Now, i had fears that he was constipated, but he is pooping just fine..
    I did, however, introduce a new 'home' to him. But when i cleaned it off before putting it in, i got a very harsh smell of Cinnamon. (I use candle warmers for houses, but all of them are suppose to be unused and thoroughly cleaned beforehand.)

    I'm kinda at a loss for what to do, because i don't want to risk using the wrong treatment (I have Melafix, but that seemed to put one of my older fish through insanity until he eventually died. I also have Ick cure on standby just in case. And last but not least, i use Bettasafe in my water BEFORE putting it in the tank.), or putting him though more stress and pain than already dealed. Any suggestions...???

    Edit: I moved him into his original cup, and put a small amount of Melafix (Two drops) in the water. I'm not sure if this is just me being paranoid, or something going on, but he lightly curls up sometimes so that his head is right next to the end of his tail. When i try to get his attention, he calmly looks up and goes back to gently swimming around. He doesn't, however, SEEM to be in any pain that i can see... Maybe i'm just worrying too much after the last one died..??

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  2. Wystearya

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    OK, I am going to ask several questions. The answers will help us to help you!

    How big is your tank?
    Do you have a heater?
    Do you have a filter?
    How long has this tank been set up?
    How often do you do water changes, and how much do you change?
    (For example half of the water per week.)

    You say you feed bloodworms. Are they frozen or freeze dried? Do you feed anything else?

    I will say that from the pictures it looks like it could be biting or torn from a tank decoration maybe. Usually fin rot is all over, not just one spot. However, answering the above questions will be helpful so your fish can get what he needs.

    Oh, one more:
    Do you have plants or other decorations in the tank? (If so, what? A picture of your entire tank might help with this.)

  3. OP

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    1. 2 And 1/2 gallons

    2 & 3. Any time i try adding even the smallest filter or heater, it either doesn't work, the fins get stuck some place or another, or the current/heat is too high and can't be adjusted/turned down

    4. With this fish, it's been up for about 4-5 months. It had been in previous use before by another fish to which i had believed had fin rot. That's when i had to put it under multiple tests before deciding it was clean enough for a new fish (Ick cure 3 times, melafix, betta safe, and boiling literally everything)

    5. As often as i can, but not too often that it stresses out the fish. I don't have any gravel in the tank, since i've yet to get a hose for cleaning it.

    6. Yes, i do feed Bloodworms, and they are freeze-dried. I do sometimes try to get him to eat the original 'Betta pellets' since they are suppose to have the vitamins needed, but that's only if he doesn't reject them and let them sit there.

    7. That's what i thought as well. Though, yes, he does have a few other spots that seem to be torn than shown in the pictures, all of it seems too big to have just frayed or fallen off. There's no holes near the base or inside of the tail.

    8. I do have other decorations, yes. Nothing is live, since i've not enough experience yet, and don't want to mess anything up. (I'm only 15, and haven't gotten a job yet, so i'm on a very low budget). All of them are soft. The Glass flower, which i had him start out with, and has no sharp parts whatsoever. The Betta leaf stuck near the surface so he can sit up there and take air when needed. And the Candle warmer (Which is newer, and i'm thinking about taking out right now due to the suspicious smell and possible sharp edges that may have gotten past me).
  4. OP

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    These are the said decorations (Forgot to add them to the above message..)

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  5. Wystearya

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    Ok, well you do have a few issues and here are my suggestions.

    Since your having trouble heating and filtering the 2 and a half gallon tank, you may need to upgrade to a 5 gallon. This larger size is easier to deal with in the long run, as it will cycle better. (Cycling only happens with a filter, and you do need one.)

    A sponge filter is a very easy type to have and good for Betta fish as they don't cause a lot of current.

    Until you can get a filter, you *need* to do frequent water changes. The fish will get used to it, but he can't get used to swimming in his own waste. It's not just fish poop. Fish constantly give off ammonia and this can build up quickly in a small tank. At least once a week, and honestly probably twice a week is what your going to need to do. I would suggest no less than half of the water at a time. You can leave him in the tank for this, if you have any kind of hose/siphon. Or even by cupping out water into a bucket.

    Bettas are tropical fish, and a heater is considered a need. If they get too cold they can get lethargic/slow and it leaves them prone to getting diseases.

    I know this is a lot of information to take in, but I am trying to help you and your fish. I also understand that at your age you may not have a lot of your own money, and that your parents may not understand these items are needed. But do please try! There are many websites with information on why Betta fish need a heater and filter. And why a tiny bowl/tank isn't good. Maybe you can show them?

    If you absolutely can't get anything else, please do the needed water changes. Ammonia can burn his gills if it builds up, and it doesn't take much to harm your fish over time.

    Also, the freeze dried blood worms are 'ok' as a snack. But he needs to eat something else. It won't hurt him to not eat for a few days. I would not offer the bloodworms anymore until he eats a different food. A brand that is usually easy to find is Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets. Sometimes soaking in a little garlic juice can encourage eating. But, if he gets hungry enough, he may be more likely to try them. (Which is why I say not to feed the bloodworms until he eats something else.)

    I hope this isn't overwhelming! Do some Google searches if you are interested in more information.

    Best of luck!!
  6. OP

    Frostu Initiate Member

    Aahh.. Yeah, i've heard quite a bit of this before, but didn't want to get cocky until it was completely confirmed. Thank you for your suggestions, and i will try to get what i can. If my parents get stubborn, i'll have to just force them to take me, and pay myself, because this'll get nowhere if i don't. (Good thing Petco has the '$1 per gallon' deal.. Otherwise i'd be dead meat x.x)

    Thank you bunches for your suggestions, and i'll start writing my shopping list right away~!
  7. Wystearya

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    Good luck!

    If you get a new tank, etc. I know we would all love to see pictures of your new setup! :)
  8. OP

    Frostu Initiate Member

    I look forward to sharing! :3
    Time to go shopping~!
  9. OP

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    Now, i do know the topic is over and i'm yet again probably worrying for something that'll cure itself over time with the Melafix, but after i cleaned his tank, put everything back and took what i needed out, i went to put him back in but got scared when parts of his tail seemed to fall off at a small touch. I don't think he was tearing it off with stress anymore. I'm thinking i should just take everything out of the tank now and let him use the area to swim and rest instead to avoid further fraying. He's now got a few large rips in his tail fins after me gently lifting him back into the other tank. Don't plan on touching him after this, unless it's on accident or if i'm forced to.
  10. Wystearya

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    Well, it could be rot then, and possibly due to the condition of his water.

    Frequent water changes are the first line of treatment. Usually very clean water will help with healing.

    And his diet does need improvement (as I already mentioned). More nutritious food will allow his fins to grow in strong. His body needs the right balance of vitamins and such to be healthy!

    I think will what you said about his tail falling apart at a slight touch, that I will recommend daily (or at least every other day) 50% water changes.

    Even if you have to save up a while for the new tank, I think new food is needed as soon as possible.

    Keep us updated!
  11. OP

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    He's not showing any signs of getting better, and, yes, i have been doing the water changes and adding Melafix in a safe schedule. I did notice him the night before posting this that he had a bit of fin in his mouth, As well as red areas that look like open wounds along the edges of his fins. I have the sneaking suspicion he is trying to rid himself of the pain or 'fin rot' by trying to rip it off himself (But that obviously causes more pain and open wounds). He's taken to liking the temporary pellets, and i haven't been giving him any Bloodworms since posting the first part of this discussion.

    Thinking about moving the other male i have into a different Quarantine tank, since he's also showing very slight signs of fraying aswell, and i need to move him anyway. If anything else happens, i'll be sure to say so, but for now i'm just in a fear-filled waiting game.