Fin Rot Or Recovering From?


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Hello again everyone! I've had my betta about 3 weeks now, third weekly water change will be Friday, and my Betta had some telltale black edging since I bought him. As I understand it mild finrot can recover with clean water and time, and since he's the only fish in a 10 gallon tank I figured I would give him the time to try and recover from it without intervention.

I'm wondering now if I should consider something more for it, or if what I'm seeing is not actually fin rot, or if the s show he is actually recovering from it and should be fine in the long run.

He does seem fairly healthy activity wise, eagerly eats food, always shows up when i'm near the tank begging for more food, explores a lot and seems very curious.

tank info: 78.2f, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 0 nitrates measurable ; i'm assuming since he's the only fish along with 2 ghost shrimp I'm not seeing a major buildup of anything in between water changes.



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I would continue with the water changes and keep a close eye on him. If it doesn't appear to be getting worse then your doing the right thing. You can also try seachem stressgaurd it works really well for promoting healing and keeping infections away. When a Bettas fins starts to heal it'll appear clearish in color, however this can take awhile and some times even weeks to see any changes. Good luck with your little guy and hopefully he starts to get better


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To me it just looks like natural colouration. I would keep a close eye on his fins to see if they are deteriorating. If they don't change, then it's probably just colouring.

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