Fin Rot or Paranoid betta mom?

  1. Terscelle Member Member

    I took a pic of my new babies when I brought them home and now. Is his fins changing or am I just a worry wort? [IM[/ 1465949334163.jpg 1465949349565.jpg
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    His fins do look a bit tattered. Can you please tell us what his setup is like and the water parameters?
  3. Terscelle Member Member

    2.5 gallon tank. Tested water yesterday with API Master testing kit. If I read right is pH 8.2, amonia 1-2, Nitrate 0, Nitrate 0, Did a partial water change of water over the weekend. Used a conditioner. Don't remember the brand as it was the last of it and threw out the bottle. Bought fish two weeks ago saturday

    Heard about cycling the tank but not sure how it is done
  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    In a tank that small and not cycled you'll need to do water changes every day or every other day with conditioner, Prime is widely used around here.

    What kind of a filter do you have on the tank and what kind of media?

    Basically what needs to happen is special bacteria need to grow on the media that will eat the ammonia produced by your fish and turn it into nitrites. Those are then eaten by another kind of bacteria that produce nitrates which will build up but are less harmful than either ammonia or nitrites. They are removed through the water changes you do, at least once a week if not twice since water quality can become bad very quickly in a small volume.

    I would recommend picking up a bottle of Tetra Safe Start or Seachem Stability. With the former you don't touch the tank for 2 weeks after adding it while with the latter you can do as much maintenance as you need to as long as you add Stability and Prime every day. Given that fin rot is helped by water changes I would recommend that you use Stability.
  5. Terscelle Member Member

    Thank you will get some tomorrow. My poor fish
  6. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    I would advise against the safe start. Your betta needs clean water and protein to recover. I would feed first, then water changes every day for a week. This means you'd have to use Stability for a cycle, or wait until the fin rot is finished until you can use Safe Start Plus.
  7. Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    Ammonia 1-2 is extremely dangerous. I would do a 50-75% water change asap. Anything higher than zero is dangerous. My fish start showing symptoms at .25. Then I'd say tomorrow do another 50% if it's still high. Ph is also high for a Betta and I would recommend getting driftwood for that. I don't think there's any serious fin rot there. Personally I would dose with tetra safe start plus because its virtually impossible to cycle a tank that small anyway. You should just use the correct dosage of tss with your water changes in addition to the water conditioner.
  8. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Dosing with safe start is the same as using stability.

    I also hadn't realized your pH was so high, it makes ammonia more toxic.

    Your betta has already adjusted to the pH and doesn't really require anything to lower it, but you can add it if you want
    Pringlethesnail -the test kits register both Ammonium and Ammonia. The lower the pH, the more ammonium, the higher the pH, the more ammonia. Ammonium not being as toxic. Both are consumed by the BB.
  9. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Pringlethesnail, you can cycle any amount of water, it's just more difficult to keep parameters stable in a smaller volume.
  10. Terscelle Member Member

    Any other product besides seachem prime and stability? I checked the Petco near me and they dont have that brand.
  11. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Safe Start (not plus) and the Tetra brand conditioner. You lose out on the ability to have an ammonia/nitrite locker in one go, but with diligence, you can get going. Just use the dosing instructions for water changes, not the start up, seeing there is ammonia issues.

    Have you considered using amazon or the like to order it?

    My local petco has a very very small section for seachem, I missed it a couple times looking. Not every one may carry it, which can stink.
  12. Terscelle Member Member

    Yeah so I've got Seachem Prime and Stability on order from Amazon and with will be here tuesday.
  13. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Don't want you to feel like I'm pushing a specific product, just there's good intentions behind it
  14. Terscelle Member Member

    I understand. I've seen a lot of posts in different threads that say how good the stuff is. I'd rather have it shipped and help my fish than get something that just doesnt quiet cut it.
  15. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Most products will work, it just means a little more effort on your part. Seachem seems to really put the idea of helping the hobbyist first. Might just be me seeing it, but oh well.

    We'll certainly continue to help out if you want it, though
  16. PythonTheBetta Member Member

    Seachem Prime is a life saver. I was skeptical at first too, why use it if I could get other conditioners cheaper? This is my levels before Prime (ignore the PH, Prime doesn't affect PH)[​IMG]
    and this is immediately after doing a water change using water treated with Prime(again ignore PH) [​IMG]
    This really sealed the deal for me, I'll never use anything other than Prime!!
  17. Terscelle Member Member

    Wow good to know
  18. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Prime only detoxifies for around 24 hours, generally allowing bacteria to catch up on them. I'm not sure in which way it effects nitrites, but I believe it temporarily changes ammonia to ammonium.

    Ammonium will register on the kits in the ammonia test as ammonia, which is why it still registered .25-.50 ammonia after the water change.

    How large of a water change did you do?
  19. PythonTheBetta Member Member

    not sure, around 25% maybe?
  20. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Were both tests back to back?