fin rot or being picked on

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    Hi there, yesturday I posted that the lfs gave me a lonely very tiny black angel..maybe almost the size of a dime..I had its sibling so she did not want it to be alone, it was in rough shape its fins were a little clamped and he was not very active, the one I bought a week earlier was the same way for a day then perked right up and was socialable. I noticed today that the new one basically had no caudal tail..yesturday he did.
    I put both new black angels in a 10g quarentine, both because I noticed the other one has a thinning tail as well, I had to divide it with a betta that showed signs of fin rot as well. I only had enough meds to treat one tank. both angels together are still smaller than the single betta!
    So I am posting a picture of my angels. You can see the one with basically no caudal. Is this fin rot? can it litterally disappear over night? or was it picked on.
    I have not added medication yet waiting to see what you guys think. I will be using Maracyn 2 btw


    PS..tested water using api test kit like I normally do a few times a week, Im my 36 g where the fish was over night, my water is great Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 and nitrate 5 . Temp 79, Cascade 200 hob
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    That looks like a bad case of fin rot. I'd consider treating with Maracyn and Maracyn-Two together.
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    ok well I have enough Maracyn 2, and I will do the initial dose right now, and then tomorrow before I leave for the weekend do second dose and the third dose asap when I get home on Sunday. I will grab some Maracyn at Petsmart tomorrow while I am away.

    Will it be ok to start the Regular Maracyn on day three of Maracyn 2?

    After treatment will it be safe to add them back to the main tank? or should I give it some time. I just dont want them in the 10g too long.

    I saved the betta from my sister in law this week too poor guy has a ragged tail as well in some places it is very short. He will benefit from this treatment as well.

    **I have to stop saving fishies..I have a soft spot and I am getting over run!**
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    The reason for using both 1 and 2 is because one treats gram positive and the other is gram negative. If we took a culture, we would be able to determine which it is and use the appropriate med. but as it is, we don't know therefore we must treat with both. It is okay to start the second med a couple days behind - In my experience there haven't been any problems with leaving the med ( first one) in for a couple extra days. If its closer to the end of the first med treatment when you get the second, then I would wait till the first treatment was over and a water change done before starting round two with med two.
  5. OP

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    Ok that explains it quite clear I always wondered why people suggested Maracyn along with Maracyn 2. I will start Maracyn on Sunday when I get back.

    So when the treatments are done should I leave them in the 10g? and give them a lovely water change and add carbon to my filter? Or should i put them back into my tank? This time instead of the 36 with 2 a little bit bigger angels I may put them in my 29 with cardinals and corys. These black angels like I said are so so tiny, about the size of a dime.
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    They may nip the cardinals I know some one who added two angels to their 10 gallon (it was a community tank) the next day only the angels were there so if you do keep an eye on it.
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    The cardinals are bigger than my angels atm...