Fin Rot In Rescue Betta?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Fleischer, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Fleischer

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    I recently went to the Fish shop and found a betta which looked like it has fin rot
    The owner said the fish just bites his own tail off whenever it grows, which I don't necessarily doubt, but perhaps it can be helped, if it's actually fin rot?
    I decided to take him in to try
    It is difficult taking a good picture of him, but I hope these help!


    The betta is not in the main tank at the moment, as I wish to treat it first (if possible)
    I will list the things we have, not that all can be used for this, but still
    We have:

    -API Fish Bacter Stop (Betta)
    -SERA Marin salt (the only salt for aquarium available here)
    -DAJANA Acriflavin
    -TETRA Medica Fungistop
    -TETRA Medica Contralc

    The betta swims around in his container at the moment, he does not seem to be sinking at the bottom nor struggling to stay afloat, and he ate some of the food (SERA Bettagran) I gave him earlier, also comes up for air like other bettas

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Sen

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    Do you know the water parameters for the container the betta is currently in? Fin rot can be caused by dirty water and/or bacterial infection, from what I recall. Clean water usually helps a fair bit, unless there's a bacterial infection and an antibiotic is needed.
  3. OP

    FleischerNew MemberMember

    I don't, sadly
    The water was pretty dirty (back at the shop)
    Currently he is in a fresh-new water, and he looks way happier than in that brown-ish water he was in just before
    My dad thinks it could be on its way to regrow, but I think medication/etc could help with that, too?
    Not saying it is actually on its way to regrow though, it's just a guess Dad mentioned
  4. Neptune334

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    Hi! First of all, thanks for rescuing a betta from a cup! The thing that treats fin rot best is clean water. Do plenty of water changes and it will decrease the chance of reinfection. You will notice that his fins start healing when you see clear tissue between them. This will later color in and make his fins look better again. Now, if this happens to be a persistent fin rot, you may have to treat it with medicine. I would recommend any medication that contains Nitrufurazone. This this can be API's Furan 2, Tetra Fungus Guard, or Jungle Fungus Clear. I'm sure that some other medications contain this, but I just listed some common ones. Remember, don't use medicine unless his fins are just not healing. Try plenty of water changes first. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!
  5. OP

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    My pleasure, I really want to believe in this guy, I want to see him grow his tail and fins back to see just how beautiful he'd become- He's such a cutie!
    He already got used to seeing me, comes towards me when I move closer to check on him!

    I will do as you said, and I'll keep the thread updated with any news/questions (good or bad)
    Thank you very much!
  6. OP

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    Oh wow, it's a month+ later already?
    Well, I guess it's about time I updated on this lil guy!

    Here he is in the actual fish tank, and he is looking better:


    He gets spooked now and then by the other fish, as he was only just transferred today, but I will keep an eye on things and move him to an other one if needed c:
    I'm just glad he's looking better <3
  7. Neptune334

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    I am so happy that he is looking better!
  8. Jen86

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    Wow, what a difference! He looks amazing! Such a gorgeous boy.
  9. Shardicle

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    He is very pretty cute little boy c;
  10. OP

    FleischerNew MemberMember

    Thank you everyone!
    Hopefully he'll get even more handsome in the next month! <3
  11. Shardicle

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    How is he now? hope he gets better!
  12. jmaldo

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  13. OP

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    @Stripe He is doing very good, but I had to move him to an other tank as he started bullying the other fish. xD

    @jmaldo Thank you ;u;