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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by kashi009, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. kashi009New MemberMember

    I came to realize that my Betta had fin rot late last week and proceeded to look up on how to treat it. This website I found said to ONLY use aquarium salt so I bought some and took him out of his 3.5 gallon into a small one gallon to make it easier. As a note I just put him in the 3.5 tank a week ago after letting it run for a week and using a bacteria starter but the tank was used prior before I emptied and refilled it for the week wait. I put in 1 tsp of salt by mixing it and letting it dissolve fully in a cup before carefully pouring it in. It's day three after changing the water once a day and his fin rot still seems to be getting worse. According to the website said to increase the 1 tsp to 2 but I'm wondering if using Tetracycline or some other remedy would work better. I also have some other questions. For one, would Tetracycline work (Petsmart is the only pet store I have around here and I don't know what else they have) or should I find something else like Methylene Blue? Or perhaps even use the 2 tsp of salt? If I do change to using medication should I wash all the salt out or does that matter? Also on the site mentioned not having a light or filter because it could "hinder healing." Should I just take out the carbon and have it run? Since I'm not treating him in his normal tank should I change all of the water or just 50% then 10% or so everyday? API master kit shows that the 3.5 tank is all is between 0 and 0.25, and for nitrate, 5. Having trouble telling if it IS 0 or just between; defiantly not on 0.25 and 5 since they're still yellow and blue. Far as I can tell he seems fine; still swimming around and begging for food but I want to solve this before it gets worse. I love my lil bugger and am really worried about him so any help would be appreciated.

    Link to website I was using:  
    Best picture I could get of my beloved bugger's tail: IMG_1554.jpg
  2. tunafax

    tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    If it's getting worse, you can just use betta revive in conjunction with salt. It will remove bacteria from the torn, inflamed fins.

    Do dialy 50% wc on that 1 gallon tank and remove any abrasive decor. That means especially the gravel.

    Just like with salt, you should see mild improvement in 4 days. If not, then you will need to step up the treatment again untill something works.

    Your betta is dark so it's hard to see, but fin rot is black edges on torn fins. As soon as black is gone, that means finrot stopped and fins can start regrowing. If you can't see it on your dark betta, wait a week for fin growth to figure out your next step.
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  3. OP

    kashi009New MemberMember

    Well he doesn't have any black that I can tell but the edges are red and some are white looking and it is defiantly getting worse since, its hard to see but, he'd lost a chunk of tail by the time I got home from work yesterday which is in the picture. I will get some betta revive when I go out and scoop the gravel out when I do the water change. For the 50% changes, do I add more salt since some of it is removed with the water? Half a tsp? Or do I just add the betta revive and the water change with conditioner?
  4. tunafax

    tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    White thin membrane means fin regrowth. If you see that, it means improvement in that area. But white flakes are bad.

    Api Stesscoat + is good for fins. Almond leaf doesn't hurt and may be useful.

    Yes you would need to replace the salt but the issue with that is bettas do terrible in high/prolonged salt exposure. I would use betta revive and reduce the salt a bit.
  5. kayla.s

    kayla.sWell Known MemberMember

    I don't think the gravel would be causing fin damage? It's more like sharp fake plants or things like that... unless he's actively scratching himself on the gravel, which I haven't heard of a betta doing....
  6. OP

    kashi009New MemberMember

    So maybe a bit less than a tsp or rather make it more like a half a tsp per a gallon? But yes there was a plant in there yesterday I was worried it was part of the culprit so I took it out. It is true that he is mostly staying near the top of the tank as far as I can tell. So I should use betta revive and stresscoat + together along with the lowered salt?
  7. tunafax

    tunafaxWell Known MemberMember

    When they rest on gravel - which they will do especially in a tank so small - they will catch their fins on it. It doesn't help that the gravel traps waste, so the betta is essentially rubbing its infected wounds in poop. A hospital tank should be exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing frivelous.

    @op - everything you just said sounds good. :) 2/3 tea spoon per gallon is what I'd use. Also, don't salt the betta for more than a week at a time.
  8. OP

    kashi009New MemberMember

    Sorry for the late reply had to run out to do some things. Alright I removed the gravel although I did a 100% wc change cause I had trouble getting the gravel out as well as because I wasn't sure about the salt situation since half would still be too much in the water. I did notice him "napping" on the gravel when I got back so made sure to get it out. Now he has 2/3 tsp and I added stresscoat +. Unluckily the Petsmart didn't have the betta revive but I ordered it off of Amazon with Prime get it tomorrow and will add it in. Thanks a lot for the help tunafax. Hopefully he'll feel better in the four-ish days.

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