Fin rot caused by chlorine exposure?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by sparklyAxolotl, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. sparklyAxolotlNew MemberMember

    Well, I never thought I'd have to ask this. I know all about the importance of banishing chlor(ine/amine) from my fish tank. I know all about the nitrogen cycle and fish chemistry... But my 4 year old sister clearly does not.
    My molly gave birth to 50+ fry recently. They seem happy and healthy! Until my little brother discovered one of them stuck in a small glass cup in his room. We eventually discovered the culprit of this unthinkable atrocity (After I put the 3/4-of-the-way-dead-looking fish in the hospital tank-actually-just-a-breeder-box-in-main-aquarium*, of course.) My sister said she just wanted a fish of her own (Heaven knows why she put it in our bro's room). We don't know how long the fish was in there. You bet we had a long talk about this, as this is not the first time she's endangered the lives of all my fish.
    * I assumed it'd be okay to keep it in the main tank because... it was just chlorine? There's no chlorine in my tanks as I always treat new water with (maybe slightly superfluous amounts of) conditioner.

    The poor baby fish seemed to have bounced back astonishingly well. Swimming around happily, eating itty bitty bits of ground up New Life Spectrum pellets... But now its tail fin seems to be... gone... Like it's just not there anymore. There's the base of the tail fin, but... no fin. It can still swim fine, and the fish is active, but where's the fin? To state the obvious: Not attached to the fish.

    How might I go about treating this?
    The fish's other fins appear to be deteriorating as well, and I'm determined to save it.

    One more question.
    I noticed the tiniest of tiny little white squiggles between the plastic of the breeder box and the glass of the main tank. At first, I thought it was dust or something. But then I noticed it moving. And I got super concerned. Do I have to deal with parasites now too? How do I fix it? Why can't life be simple, why can't I just have happy fish wahhh :'(

    Any insight at all is very highly appreciated. Thank you! I'll try and get pics up asap.

    Update: Picture of affected fish down below.
    DSC_0392 resized.jpg
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  2. peregrineValued MemberMember

    Yup looks like it is likely fin rot. You have several options. best way to keep it from happening is perfect water. It can also heal itself with perfect water. It could be due to bad water conditions in the cup. If you have a hospital tank you could always put it in there and treat with something like melafix. But treating entire tank you may not want to do. As for the squirming thing it could have a parasite also which could be why it got fin rot. It's immune system could be low.
  3. AichmalotizoWell Known MemberMember

    Squirming thing honestly sounds like a copepod to me. Was it a very tiny, but mobile white speck, or was it actually worm like? Most likely a detritus worms, since it was outside the fish though...
  4. sparklyAxolotlNew MemberMember

    Update: the poor baby fish's tail finally grew back! It seems much healthier now! I'm so proud of it. I named it Pup, after the pupfish that live in Death Valley that have miraculously survived there as a species in such severe conditions for so long.

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