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I've had this betta for about six months now. He's always had some slightly curled fins but seems to be in fine health, eats great and is active. A little over a month ago I noticed his fins are looking worse, there's what looks like a lot of tears and rips. I changed out my aquarium plants (they're plastic) for smooth, soft ones without hard edges thinking he was ripping his fins on them because he likes to swim through them. In the last three weeks I've been doing twice a week water changes, maybe about a third of my tank each time, and for the last week I've been using Bettafix in the water. Haven't really noticed much improvement and I'm starting to worry that it's fin rot or some other sort of disease?? I attached a picture of him in his cup from when I was cleaning the tank today.



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There is a bit of fin rot there starting to take effect. That is the cause of the curling and tearing fins. This fin rot is very minor and right now i recommend just to keep the water clean with lots of water changes. You could also add in some indian almond leaves which have some antifungal properties to them. The leaves are going to be the best for them. I wouldn't use bettafix and the reason is that the oils in the product actually are harming your fish. the oils are suffocating the bettas labryinth organ which is what it uses to breath. You can stop the fin rot and the fins might heal a bit, but think of fin rot as a scar and they won't look as nice. He will also be more prone to fin rot in the future now.
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