Fin Biting Or Rot?

  1. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    I brought home a new betta yesterday, and today I noticed either some fin biting or fin rot. Sorry for the blurry picture.
    If biting, it's probably from the stress of the new surroundings. But if rot, I don't know how to treat it. 805b22edd59415c3f15a976cfe1f2bcd.jpg 2515295d542cd78d50c86cd7d7b17ffb.jpg
  2. Michael100 Initiate Member

    Its a little hard to tell from the pictures but generally fin nipping will look more like clean rips, and rot a fuzzy edge to the rip. That said, if a fin was nipped it could then be more prone to infection, so could be one of the same.

    What else do you have in the tank, that may provide some help, as some fish are more likely to nip than others.
  3. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    It's more of clean rips. I have two Marimo moss balls, a dwarf chain sword, a tiny seashell, and one stem of floating hornwort.
  4. Merryn O'Shea Member Member

    I can't really tell to be fair, however I agree with the points made above. Just to be safe I would add some Fin Rot treatment anyway as it won't harm the fish even if he does not have it. If that doesn't change anything then it probably is fin nipping.
  5. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Where can I get fin rot treatment?
  6. Merryn O'Shea Member Member

    At any pet shop. I live in the UK so I don't know any other pet shops around you. Things like Petco I guess? But pretty much any local pet shop that sells fish should sell it. If not then ask for where you can find some locally :)
  7. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Okay, thank You!
  8. Merryn O'Shea Member Member

    Also, add some aquarium salt into the fish tank as it relieves stress and helps with unseen illnesses. Do this after you have treated with Fin Rot treatment if no improvement occurs
  9. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    Do you think you can get any clearer pictures? I know it's hard. I'd be hesitant to treat without knowing for sure it's fin rot. Tears will heal on their own as long as you keep the water clean. You could try daily partial water changes for a week-ish and see if there's any improvement. But, I'm no expert so if you really think it is fin rot go with your gut if you feel you need to treat it :)
  10. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    I don't think its fin rot. I'm already going to do daily water changes. :)