1. wilfie Initiate Member

    it seems there is a variety of opinions re
    hob filters and sponge filters

    why could'nt you put FINE holed sponge in the
    hob filter
    that way you would get good gph
    and do away with the charcoal system
    which I understnd
    the charcoal is only good for about a week anyway
    and the sponge would work as well as a normal sponge filter does ???????? ::)
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    You could definately do that. The aquaclears actually have a sponge in their filters.

    As far as the carbon, it is not used for biological filtration, but for absorbing bad smells and medications. I very rarely use carbon in my filters.
  3. wilfie Initiate Member

    ;D :eek:
    Thanx for you prompt reply to my question

    how do you clean the sponge in the AQUACLEAR???
    wilf ???
  4. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Just sqeeze it out in old tank water until it doesn't feel slimy anymore and the dirty water is a lighter brown. ;)
  5. wilfie Initiate Member

    ;D ;DThanx Gunnie
    It's nice to have people in the know

    to get the right answers :-* :-*