Filtration Help For 110 Tall Tank

  1. smedmonds Initiate Member

    Looking to keep some angelfish with some tank mates. Possibly live plants(headache for enough lighting). Leaning towards canister, which one I don't know....Suggestions??? Thanks!
  2. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    I would grab the deal on Amazon right now ( for the next 5 hours) of the Fluvel FX6. This would be a great filter for an Angel-fish tank of this size. I purchased one myself.
  3. goldfishbeginner Initiate Member

    Get a hydor 600 on ebay! But redundancy is always good. Maybe you'll want to run some kind of backup too instead of just one big filter.

    Are angle fish delicate? If you want to avoid any kind of cycle bump you may want to run two filters.

    fx6 is way nice too. That thing has powwwer captaain!!
  4. smedmonds Initiate Member

    WOW that is a good deal... so people run 2 smaller canisters for backup? Is that just to keep it running or for water doesn't go all over....would it make sense to have a smaller backup? thanks
  5. smedmonds Initiate Member

    Not sure how delicate they are Looking at that FX6 price is a pretty sweet deal to pass up. When you talk backup....Is that just to keep things flowing or does that help for over flow damage problems? thanks
  6. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    You could eventually put a larger HOB filter or a smaller Fluvel if you want, but it isn't necessary. I am putting 2 FX-6's on a 180 gallon.
  7. goldfishbeginner Initiate Member

    When I talk about backup, I really mean a little extra bio media in case something disrupts the bio filtration in your main filter. So sure something like a hob just with sponge and bio meadia would fit the bill.

    It may not be necessary for everyone. But I have goldfish and had a cycle bump on time . My nitirtes spiked really high and I only had one filter. It was a bimmer.
  8. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    I have an fx6 alone on my 120, its a beast of a filter its basically a great pump and 6 gallon bucket you can fill with media, id trust it up to a respectfully stocked 200g my self then id probably start thinking about fresh water sumps, but for you and your angel fish and what ever else you choose to put in the 110 an fx will not disappoint, its self priming and fairly easy to figure out. You can feel the quality lol.
  9. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    I got my Fluval Fx4 at Petsmart at a great deal, felt like I stole it from them.

    As for the Amazon Prime Day special the Fx6 is a good deal considering that it cost a lot. It still quite a bit of money but you won't regret that. Plus if you decide to expand to a 200 gallon tank you have the right canister for it.
  10. smedmonds Initiate Member

    I did score that great deal! Much appreciated on the heads up!
  11. goldfishbeginner Initiate Member

    Congrats on the fx6!
  12. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    Woop welcome to the fx crew lol [​IMG] you will have pristine well circulated water and happy angels, you will have to share some pics for us.
  13. smedmonds Initiate Member

    Thanks and will do! Next on the list figuring out substrate and lighting. Leaning towards live plants(hoping easy care) thinking black more grainy. Better for bottom fishes?? Haven't really looked at lighting but 30" depth I'm guessing would require little better lighting to reach plants. Hoping led for energy use?