filtration for a 55 gallon tank

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    this is my dad's and mine first aquarium. i am hoping that we will be able to get a saltwater aquarium. :)
    i am slightly confused on which kind of filter to get. ???
    is there any difference in a power filter and an aquaclear filter?
    if never one of those, which kind would ya'll recomend?
    thank ya'll very much
  2. cocoboy821 Initiate Member

    Filter questions

    i'm researchin different types of filter for a saltwater aquarium i'll be getting in a bit.
    i've heard aquaclear were really good, but i've also heard alot of good being said about biowheels. can someone please explain to me the difference in the two?
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  4. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Good information Isabella ;) for a saltwater tank you need to know what you are going to put in the tank in before you buy your filter. Some things need lots of current and some prefer none. Knowing that would help you get what you need.
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    I love saltwater aquariums, but don't have one....yet. I do know that there is a lot to learn before you "dive" into these aquariums. This site and others on the web can give you a lot of the needed info. The set up and fish costs are higher than freshwater, and the maintenance requirements are more unforgiving. Typically, from what I've read, it's better to learn the hobby with fresh water tanks, before going to the expense and time needed with saltwater tanks. Kind of like crawl, walk, run. Either way, Enjoy!
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    Re: Filter questions

    I like aquaclears i have one on my 30 gal. It works really well. Not sure about the bio wheel.
    hope that helps a little.
  7. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Re: Filter questions

    This is an aquaclear:

    Many folks swear by them.

    These are biowheel filters:

    You can also get a bio wheel as an attachment to a canister filter or other filter. You can see the bio wheel a little bit in the second link. It turns like a wheel of an old mill.
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    I'm not Isabella :-[
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    No your not Isabella!! You have my profoundest apology. I am so sorry!!! Thats what I get for trying to do two things at once. Please accept my apology. :'(
    The info was still good :D Thank You for giving it.
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    lol hee heeĀ  I laughed when I saw thatĀ  :D :D poor janmitch
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    Hahaha ... guys, too bad you didn't see the expression on my face when I read this "Good information Isabella" LOL! I just sat there wondering "what have I said" and "where"? Then I realized Carol probably meant Janmitch, lol. I couldn't stop laughing. Carol, thanks for the good time! Plus, it's good to know you're thinking about me! Just kidding! Haha ;D
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    Oh you Guys!!!! :D Isabella I was thinking about something you asked in another thread and as usual my hands typed all by them selves. Glad I gave everybody a good laugh, this is my goal in life ::) ;D
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