Filtration Decisions, 29 And 55 Gal.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Andria9000, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Andria9000Valued MemberMember

    I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 fantails, a black moor, and an oranda. I am aware some of you may say this is overstocked but I follow the 20 gal for first 10 for each after. I would not add any more to this tank. I am currently using a large sponge filter rated for 80 gal, a sun sun hw302 canister filter, and a fluval 50 hang on back. I would like to transfer the fluval to my now empty 29 gal which I will be making my community tank.

    Just wondering how long you would wait for beneficial bacteria to grow on new media as the canister is newly installed.

    Also, would you keep the sponge filter in the 55 or move to the 29?
  2. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    You will need that sponge filter in the 55 for extra filtration to go with the Sun Sun canister. I would about 1 month and suggest to use some bacteria booster like Seachem Stability.

    If you wanted to get a new filter for the 29, I would suggest using the Sun Sun and the Fluval on the 55, then move the sponge filter to the 29 with a new filter. You would have lots filtration in both tanks, and backup filtration if either breaks down or needs repair.

  3. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    sorry double post due to internet glitch, deleted
  4. Andria9000Valued MemberMember

    Aah okay this is a good idea, I'm new to the canister and it's been running only a few days. I've been contemplating which filters to put where, but getting another for the 29 would be good.
  5. LetsfishWell Known MemberMember

    I have a 55 with a Cascade 1500,new tank and filter.I am into my 13th day in the cycling process but I am almost there.As of right now I am able to recover from a 3 ppm dose of ammonia in 24 hours but I want to do that with a 4ppm dose in that 24 hour period .This is a fish less cycle and I am using Stability.I just bought a 29 gallon tank and I am going to go through the same drill with that except I will be using HOB AC 70 filter.Good Luck!!
  6. Andria9000Valued MemberMember

    Congrats! What are you planning on for fish?
  7. DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    You could get something designed more for that 29 gallon tank and when you added in the sponge filter, you would achieve over filtration, woohoo!

    I would suggest the Aquaclear 30, very highly rated.
  8. Andria9000Valued MemberMember

    Definitely big on having lots of filtration! I'm a bit nervous to venture into multi species tanks, I have only ever had goldfish and Bettas. I like to be knowledgeable to each fish I own and I haven't even decided what I'm stocking the 29 with! I like the albino Corys though.
  9. LetsfishWell Known MemberMember

    The 55 I planning a big school of cardinals And about 8 Boesman Rainbows, I male Dwarf Blue Gourami and a couple of German Blue Rams.The 29 I have not gave much thought on that yet

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