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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Pamdemonium, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. PamdemoniumNew MemberMember


    I recently got a betta about 2 weeks ago. I transferred him into a 5.5g yesterday. I have a heater, no current air stones, a couple of fake plants and moss balls.

    I have the Tetra Whisper 10i filter and the current is way too strong him. I made a cover out of a plastic bottle to cover the flow, placed a tall plant over it, but the current is still a bit strong for one betta. I can see his body still being sucked in the current and he's not swimming with ease. I added more water to the tank as well to see if that calmed down the filter's current.

    I was wondering if I should add more plants around the filter to see if that helps or should I get a new filter all together? I know the Tetra 3i filter is a lot more gentler with Bettas.

    Also any recommended filters that have worked in a 5.5g for a Betta! I would love some insight since I'm a little stumped. I've included pics and a videos just in case I'm being a nervous willy lol sorry for the background noise, my boyfriend is watching YouTube at the moment ^.^

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  2. Pikachu13131

    Pikachu13131Valued MemberMember

  3. ashleyb

    ashleybValued MemberMember

    I only use sponge filters in my Betta tanks for this reason. I got mine on eBay for $6. The pump cost $15 and the airline tubing was $5. Works great and he loves it!
  4. OP

    PamdemoniumNew MemberMember

    Okay thanks guys! I'll definitely look into it
  5. Pikachu13131

    Pikachu13131Valued MemberMember

    What pump did you get?
  6. ashleyb

    ashleybValued MemberMember

    I got the Tetra Whisper 20. I didn't need anything fancy for the Betta tanks. I use the Fluval Q2s in my larger tanks.
  7. TikiBird

    TikiBirdWell Known MemberMember

    I mostly have used the AquaClear 20s in my betta tanks with the flow adjusted all the way down. Also I cover the intake with a prefilter sponge.

    In my large tank, I had a problem with the flow from my Aqueon Quiet Flows being too strong. Some lovely Fishlore people suggested shoving some cut up sponge pieces in the intake tube. It works PERFECTLY to cut down on the flow. Maybe that would help you?

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