Filter Upgrading Or Duplication?

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by TheWanderingFish, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. TheWanderingFish

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    I am currently running a Fluval U2 in my 110L tank and I am looking to add more fish. No matter which aqadvisor says I will need more filtration.

    It puts my stocking at 63% and filtration at 104% as I currently am.

    I am hoping to put all the fish I want into the one tank then have to break out another. If I did it would be for bettas.

    Now, I was considering buying a U3 or C3-4 to replace the U2, though I am also considering a set up that will allow me to 'spread' to my 40L if I choose.

    My theory was that if I run a U2 and C2 on the 110L, then I would still have a filter running if one broke down and if I ended up using my 40L tank in the future, I would have an extra filter for it (the C2).

    I have already have 3 redundant filters due to their noise and dont wish to add my silent U2 to the pile!

    Can anyone point out any ideas or pro/cons I havent thought of?

  2. Thunder_o_b

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    I run Marineland filters so I cannot speak to the filters you are using.

    That said I run two filters on all our aquariums but the 10 gallon betta. There are several reasons for this

    1. I run 10x or more the water column in filter flow.

    2. I then can clean the filters on a biweekly rotation with no worries of loosing cycle.

    3. I have seed filter medium for any new aquariums I wish to set up. This saves me going through the work of a 7-12 day fishes cycle.

    So I would put all your filters into service.

    If you are having issues with the brand you are using maybe consider Marineland? I have 16 canisters and HOB running. Some are still in service after 20 years.
  3. OP

    TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    I am in the UK and marineland doesnt seem to be easy to get over here hence my choices. Though using two filters does have advantages (apart from taking two plugs)!

    The other filters I have are simply too loud to use. I am going to try my PF mini ONCE more in my 40L to play around other whys its will have to stay in the to loud to use pile.
  4. Islandvic

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    Are Aquaclear filters available in the UK?

    Your Fluval U2 + an Aquaclear 30 or AC50 would work well.

    I own 2 AC30's and they are very quiet.
  5. Skavatar

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    i run duo filters in both of my tanks.

    you get more gph filtration but without the current of a single high gph filter.

    i clean them all at the same time when i do my weekly water changes. gently rinse in old tank water to get rid of the gunk. most of the bacteria is in the ceramic beads anyways.

    easier to seed a new tank.
  6. OP

    TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    There is access to a few Aquaclears via amazon marketplace so iw ill have a look at them thanks!

    Thank you! Seem two filters is a good tactic then!
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