Filter system question... 29 Gallon Tank

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    Years ago as a teenager I had several aquariums and have not had any since then. I am now looking to set up a 29 gallon aquarium and as with most things - there have been many changes through the years - and I'm sure the same is true with aquarium filter systems. I am wondering what you folks would recommend that is a good system and is affordable. In addition to a unit that I assume hangs on the back of the tank - should I also plan to have an under gravel filter/bubbling system? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore!

    I would recommend that you use an Aqua Clear 70 @ 300 gph (gallons per hour) For this type of filtration, you want to have 8 to 10 x the volume of the tank as the turn over.

    These are great little filters and I highly recommend them.

    An Under Gravel filtration system will not be necessary.

    I hope you enjoy the forum!

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    If you did want to have a UGF, you would have to do tons of maintenance. They get clogged and then you would have to take it out which would be a hassle.
    +1 on the Aqua Clear 70