Filter Spitting Out Waste

  1. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    EDIT: Im sorry I accidentally put this in catfish section if someone can move it feel free to my apologies I'm still trying to figure this forum out !

    I'm so I have a penguin 200 Bio wheel filter for my still cycling (on fifth week)45 gal tank. We do weekly water changes but whenever we turn the filter on it'll make this noise like it's starting up and some waste will fly out. I don't want this to affect how long it'll take to cycle.

    Today we took this part off and cleaned it out and it seemed to be less dirty but it was still dirty (it died done significantly when I took the pic)



    Those are some more pics of the filter. Any ideas of whats causing it or if it even matters? (If I need to add any info I will) Thanks in Advance!
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    What kind of waste is it? Do you have fish in the tank? What are your parameters?

  3. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    @Aquaphobia I believe it is fish poop (that's the only waste I can really think of my fish don't leave left overs ). It may be some bits of Zucchini too cause that's what I feed my rainbow shark. However I'm going to start removing the seeds so I think that'll help.I have a blue gourami Opaline Gourami and an albino rainbow shark in the tank. Last I checked the Parameters were Ammonia .5ppm Nitrites were alittle over one and Nitrites were 5ppm (like I said the tank is still cycling in case that changes the answer)
  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    What's your pH? Are you dosing Prime every day? How often do you feed and how much are you feeding? How long has the tank been running?

  5. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    My PH is 7.4. Idk what prime is sorry. I feed them every other day and I feed them only a few pinches and blanch a little slice of Zucchini for my shark. The tanks been running for almost 5 weeks

    PS: Is prime by any chance bacteria you add to the water if so I add 25ml of Stress Zhyme+ and stress coat+ once every week(usually after a water change
  6. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

  7. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    We use already dechlorinated water for water changes and we clean filter media once a month

  8. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    How is it dechlorinated? And how do you clean the media?
  9. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    The water is pre declorhinated/distilled water bought from the store. It comes in a gallon jug, so I don't know exactly how it's dechlorinated
    We clean the media by doing the normal filter replacement where we replace the previous filter cartridge with a new one (we wash it under hot water to get anything bad off of it before hand) IF you mean how we cleaned the pipe part that's in the water (that sucks the stuff out) we run hot water through it to get any food out

    If you would like I could put a pic of the gallon we buy
  10. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Ok, distilled water is not good to use unless you're adding the appropriate salts and minerals back to the water.

    Don't rinse your media in tap water unless you've added dechlorinator because the chlorine will kill your cycle bacteria. And don't toss your media for the same reason.

    It's possible that by killing off the bacteria you're also taking out the ones that break down the solid wastes. Slowly start using your tap water with dechlorinator or get a product for remineralizing the water you're currently using. Stop rinsing your media in tap water and stop replacing your cartridges until they're impossible to rinse. You want to keep your bacteria!

  11. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    Ok thanks for the info! We do add the salts and minerals back into the aquarium with the distilled water so I think that'll be fine.

    About this dechlorinator. Can I get some at my LFS or somewhere else and is it relatively cheap? We used the same method on this tank for my 10 gal and it turned out fine so I guess this filter is different. So basically I want to only rinse my filter cartridges, the filter pipe thing( sorry idk the correct term but it's the part that's in the water sucking in waste). what about the Bio wheel, I'm assuming that's were bacteria lives, so am I killing the bacteria on it by using this chlorinated water?

    Edit: I forgot I can use the internet to look up dechlorinator and good news is I will probably be able to pick some up next time I'm at the fish store. Hopefully it will be soon! So I just use the dechlorinated water to for any filter maintenance?
  12. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Seachem Prime is only one of many available but it's one of the best! Also highly concentrated so though it may seem expensive you use very little so it lasts a long time.

    Yes, if you can't rinse the cartridge well enough to allow water to flow freely through it then you'll have to replace it but if there's only one cartridge then it's a good idea to cut the floss off the old one and keep it next to the new for a couple of weeks until the bacteria colonize it. If you have 2 though then just make sure you only replace one at a time and wait between changes!
  13. Brandon_Krenek Member Member

    Ok thanks for the help!
  14. purslanegarden Well Known Member Member

    I add a prefilter sponge to my filter intake. That really helps keep the inside of the filter (and filter pad) cleaner for a longer time. The other benefit is that even if food flakes or other food material get stuck on the prefilter, then the fish and snails have another chance at eating it instead of it just gets sucked up into the filter housing where nothing gets at it (and then creates the gunkifying brown stuff that we don't like to see when we look at our filter pads)