Filter Socks Disintegrated!! Help!

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Jdvd2009, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Jdvd2009New MemberMember

    So I went to rinse my filter socks and the first one completely fell apart in the bucket, so I got the second one and very super carefully halfway rinsed it out so it wouldn't fall apart. Obviously have to get new filter socks, how do I make sure I don't lose my biological filter and go back to cycling because I FINALLY finished cycling a couple weeks ago??? I kept everything in the bucket just in case and like I said I kept the other sock and barely rinsed it just in case. I have a second filter (both HOB) I put on 3 weeks ago, does it have enough already to support me putting 2 new filter socks on? I'm totally freaking out right now because I'm not even sure I can get new filter socks at least until Monday. The filter that the socks fell apart on also has a seachem purigen pack in it that's close to needing to be recharged. I'm really upset because I feel like it's my fault because it's been a week and half since my last PWC bc it's been a crazy week at school and I keep thinking if only I'd have done this sooner maybe they wouldn't have fell apart

    * I don't want to lose my filter media, obviously can't even think straight right now cuz I'm just like
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  2. polishedashNew MemberMember

    If you have rocks/décor in the tank they'll have some bacteria growing on them, too, with the other filters. Substrate as well. I wouldn't worry too much! You might get a brief spike but it shouldn't be dangerous when you switch the socks. Once the bacteria has a new home it should cling and grow just fine. Just keep an eye on your water in case you need to do some water changes.
  3. Jdvd2009New MemberMember

    Thank you. I was really worried. Should I keep the one sock that I "saved" and run it with the new one and then switch it out or just do both same time
  4. polishedashNew MemberMember

    You could stick the old one inside the new one. Are you running a sump setup? You could just leave it in there for a while once you get the new one. I used to run two filter pads in my hob filters when I needed a new one. Stuffing it in one of those might be an option as well to get things flowing. I let them run that way for a week before tossing the spent one and never had any issues.

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