Filter Recommendations For 90g+

  1. jtwizz Member Member

    My next tank is going to be between 90-120 gallons. It will be home to 2 common goldfish, with no plans to add any other fish. I really do not have any experience with anything other than HOB filters, but am not opposed to other kinds as long as they're easy to set up. What kind of filter would be good in this size tank, as well as with the level of waste produced by goldfish? TIA
  2. twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    You could go with a sump, but I think 2 or more canisters would be easier to set up.
  3. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Fluvels are my personal favorite.
    I have a Fluvel 206 on my 30 gallon, which is a corydoras sp. tank.
    A Fluvel G6 on my sixty gallon discus tank.
    And will soon be setting up a 180 gallon with big fish and be placing two Fluvel fx6's on it.
    For your size tank with Goldfish, I would recommend one Fluvel fx6.
  4. jtwizz Member Member

    Doesn't a sump require plumbing? If so, that's definitely not an option because we rent.
  5. twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    Well plumbing as in pipes leading from the main tank down to the sump and then back up.