Filter Questions...

  1. thesoulpatch

    thesoulpatch Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys i currently have a 75 gallon tank and have two filters on it the Eheim Pro 4+ 600 and the Hydor Pro 350 on them currently. My gf wants her own tank and my question is what would be the smallest tank possible that I can get her to where i can still use one of the canisters that I currently have, as I am lazy and would prefer to just put on the canister and not try to cycle another filter?

    I have 3 Acras 2 JD 1 Firemouth and 1 Rhino Pleco in my 75 and she is looking more to do a planted tank with some small community fish.
  2. Katie13

    Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    A 20L or 29 gallon would be good options. That would be more than enough filtration and it would give her plenty of stocking options.