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  1. MatthewM

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    Now that i finally got around to getting my tank planted. Im removing the carbon from all my filters as not to counteract the seachem ferts. What would be a good combo now? I already decided my hob is going to JUST be de-nitrate by seachem. Unless you all have another idea. And my cannister is gonna be, bottom to top, foam blocks, bio stars, purigen and de-nitrate in the same rack, and the top i dont know yet... Btw, will purigen affect the ferts like carbon? Or am i okay with that...
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    Not saying you shouldn't proceed the way you have but there is no scientific facts that say carbon will remove fertilizers.
  3. ricmcc

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    Please remember that de-nitrate does nothing to reduce nitrates unless the flow flow of the filter is 50 gph or less, so Matrix might be a good solution (regardless, de-nitrate will provide a fine bio-bed media at higher flow rates). Just that matrix is a little less expensive. rick
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    I know its not positive. But i have read on a lot of places that carbon doesnt remove all of it, but can absorb some. And as I'm heavily planted with no co2, i want no risks. Plus i dont really need the carbon anyway...

    It has been working quite well so far, as its lowered my nitrates from 40ppm and above down to under 20..
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    Wonder if the nitrate reduction was from the plants? I mean, how do you know which one reduced it? I want the de-nitrate to work ,in the process of setting some up myself.
  6. OP

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    I didnt put plants in till yesterday. I was running de nitrate for about a month