Filter Media Options

  1. Photobelle

    Photobelle Valued Member Member

    What is everyones go to filter media? I have a aquaclear with the foam pad, charcoal bag and biomax. I have a aqueon quietflow 10 I plan to convert from using the cartridges and specialty pads, but I am not sure if I should use the same type of things I have in the ac or if there are better filter media options.
  2. Fahn

    Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Most of my filters I just fill with biomax rings and put sponges over the intakes. Come water change day I take off the sponges, wring them out in the bucket of tank water and put them back on.
  3. p

    picolo003 New Member Member

    The aquaclear pads are very good and durable, you just have to find the right size for the filter. I use them in a Marineland penguin and they work great
  4. E

    E150GT Valued Member Member

    the other two threads didn't answer your question?