Filter Media Dunked In Tank


Hey all. I had a bit of a "d'oh" moment this morning and dunked my filter media in the tank itself rather than the bucket of tank water I had just removed (a reminder not to do water changes before caffeinating, I suppose). Did I do anything that will cause any harm or require any long-term care to ameliorate? I changed out another 15-20% of the dirtied tank water (the particulate matter clouded the tank a bit) but otherwise just rinsed the filter cartridge in a bucket of dirty tank water as planned and finished up my maintenance as normal. I'm running a small power current head angled toward the intake right now so that the remaining debris will get swept back up. Any major issues here, or just a teachable mistake?



Shouldn't cause any issues. Good move aiming the powerhead towards the intake. Just as a precaution it wouldn't hurt to do a parameter test on your tank later or tomorrow to make sure everything is "good"


Wont hurt a thing, I've started a few new tanks by doing that actually
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