Filter Intake Position

  1. j

    jmantilla Member Member

    Any pros/cons to have the filter intake (canister) near the bottom or near the top ?

    The return will be by the opposite tank side ...
  2. twilysparklez

    twilysparklez Well Known Member Member

    I prefer to put my intakes near the bottom mainly due to the fact that waste and food sink. So with the intake near the bottom, it should theoretically capture more particulates. Also, if the water level gets too low, an intake near the top could lose siphon.
  3. F

    Fish-whisper Member Member

    I setup my canisters with sponge pre-filters, easier to clean the sponge more often than cleaning the canister. I set my intake about midway where the water should be more oxygen rich than the bottom, doesn't mean midway has more oxygen but my brain thinks so. Canisters with lots of bio media use lots of oxygen. My systems run well with this thinking.