Filter Intake And Snails Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sleepfairy, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. SleepfairyNew MemberMember

    So I have a mystery snail that seems to be trying to commit snail suicide. Every night he goes to the top of the aquarium and somehow gets on my 110 aqua clear intake tube. He proceeds to follow it down to be bottom of the intake where I find in in the morning. He appears to be stuck so I unplug the filter, I have 2-110 filters going so no big deal. A few hour later he's dropped of and is huddled in his shell until it's time to do it again the next night.

    I have put a sponge cover over the one filter intake and see if he went to the other intake..Yes he did! So he's doing the same thing with the other intake. I have now placed a sponge cover over that intake too. Boy will he be surprised tonight!

    Any ideas why he's doing this? There's plenty of algae to eat everywhere so it shouldn't be food related. I also have broccoli in there for my snails.
  2. Mpwallace1New MemberMember

    Man, that’s weird, it sounds like it’s sexual in nature
  3. SleepfairyNew MemberMember

    I thought that too for a minute!

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