Filter Fun?

  1. fish time

    fish time Well Known Member Member

    Has anyone ever had there dojo loach ever go over and over back to the filter get stuck to it then wiggle away and then go swim back to do it again for fun as if it's a game not sure why he dose this but I am wondering if any of your loachs like to play with the filter and take a break for a while and then go back for some more fun
  2. OP
    fish time

    fish time Well Known Member Member

    He's healthy also i just am wondering why a loach would want to go and play with a filter and get stuck swim off and then come back to the filter intake and do it again this only ushaully happens at night though
  3. m

    minervalong Well Known Member Member

    I had a massive hornwort die off and of course needles like a july christmas tree so after vacuuming as much as I could, I stirred it all up and put a monster powerhead filter in the tank. Mikey the betta would slide up to it, get stuck then wiggle off. The first time he got stuck, I nudged him off, a few minutes later, there he was again. He did that for a solid hour. There is no accounting for some fish behaviour.